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The Latest Convergence of AI & HPC, the 29th HPC Connection Workshop at ISC22

STUTTGART, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The 29th HPC Connection Workshop (HPCC) will be held online at 2pm (CEST) on May 30, 2022, at ISC22 with the theme “The Latest Convergence of AI & HPC.” World renowned experts and industry leaders will introduce the latest in the convergence of AI and HPC.

Featured speakers include:

  • Jean-Marc Denis, Chief Strategy Officer of SiPearl, will describe new paradigms and challenges in Exascale era with the perspective of the key decisions made for Rhea processor architecture and design. Rhea is built on Arm’s Neoverse V1 processor architecture, but it also has 29 RISC-V cores deployed as controllers. Rhea is planned to be deployed in an European Exascale supercomputer in 2023.
  • Radoslav Danilak, CEO of Tachyum, will provide an overview of the features and benefits of Tachyum Prodigy, the world’s first Universal Processor. With 128 64-bit CPU cores operating at up to 5.7GHz, Prodigy not only handles general-purpose computing, HPC, and AI workloads on a single chip, it does so with a power budget that’s 10 times lower than that of traditional hardware and at one-third the cost.
  • Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of UberCloud, will summarize UberCloud’s 10 year achievements and present several customer use cases, and elaborate on UberCloud’s fully automated, portable, self-service, and multi-cloud engineering platform.
  • Shu Yin, Assistant Professor at ShanghaiTech University, will share how to optimize HPC applications from the perspective of I/O, and will demonstrate best practices and use cases.
  • Weizheng Lu, Tech Lead of Public Computing Center at Renmin University of China, will talk about Jax-Quant-Finance, and the High Performance Quantitative Library which brings HPC, Deep Learning, and Financial Mathematics together to accelerate financial problems time-to-resolution on heterogeneous platforms.
  • Longxiang Li, Senior HPC engineer at Inspur Information, will detail the building of data-driven scientific workflows by coupling HPC with machine learning methods and introduce Inspur’s recent achievements in the fields of materials science, CFD, and ocean modeling.

The 29th HPC Connection Workshop Digital

2pm (CEST) May 30, 2022 Online


Rhea Processor: Overall Strategic Directions and Specifications

Jean-Marc Denis

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), SiPearl

Tachyum Prodigy, The World’s First Universal Processor

Radoslav Danilak

CEO, Tachyum

10 Year HPC in the Cloud: From Early Cloud Experiments to a Fully Automated Simulation Multi-Cloud Platform for Complex Engineering Workflows

Wolfgang Gentzsch

President of UberCloud

Optimize HPC applications from the I/O perspectives

Shu Yin

Assistant Professor, ShanghaiTech University

Jax-Quant-Finance: Bring HPC, Deep Learning and Financials Mathematics together

Weizheng Lu

Tech Lead of Public Computing Center, Renmin University of China

Building data-driven scientific workflows with machine learning and HPC applications

Longxiang Li

Senior HPC engineer, Inspur Information

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About HPC Connection Workshop

The HPC Connection Workshop is an international High Performance Computing event organized by the Asia Supercomputer Community and Inspur Information. This event takes place three times a year: during ASC in China, ISC in Germany, and SC in the USA. Top researchers and leading professionals from around the world gather at the workshops to discuss the latest developments and disruptive technologies in AI and supercomputing. Visit ASC’s website for highlights and videos of the past events: (http://www.asc-events.org/).


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