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Discovery Life Sciences™ valideert verder de kwaliteit van haar biospecimen oplossingen door deel te nemen aan VERIF.i®, Scientist.com’s re-assessment programma voor leveranciers

VERIF.i® evalueert de faciliteiten, het beleid en de processen van gereguleerde dienstverleners om superieure kwaliteit en beste praktijken aan te tonen

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, de toonaangevende R&D-marktplaats van de farmaceutische sector, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat VERIF.i®, het pre-assessmentprogramma van leveranciers van het bedrijf, door Discovery Life Sciences is gebruikt om een beoordeling ter plaatse met succes af te ronden van zijn collectie van 10 miljoen biospecimens van onderzoekskwaliteit. VERIF.i is ontwikkeld om leveranciers van de Scientist.com-marktplaats te helpen de superieure kwaliteit van hun onderzoeksaanbod en hun naleving van best practices te demonstreren. Het helpt ook bij het compenseren van leveranciers- en klant kosten die gepaard gaan met herhaalde due diligence-audit verzoeken.

Discovery Life Sciences™ Further Validates Quality of its Biospecimen Solutions by Participating in VERIF.i®, Scientist.com’s Supplier Pre-assessment Program

VERIF.i® evaluates the facilities, policies and processes of regulated service suppliers to demonstrate superior quality and best practice

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the pharmaceutical industry’s leading R&D marketplace, announced today that VERIF.i®, the company’s supplier pre-assessment program, has been used by Discovery Life Sciences to successfully complete an on-site assessment of its collection of 10 million research-quality biospecimens. VERIF.i was developed to help Scientist.com marketplace suppliers demonstrate the superior quality of their research offerings and their adherence to best practices. It also helps offset supplier and client costs associated with repetitive due diligence audit requests.

“Discovery has one of the world’s largest collections of high quality, ethically procured and characterized biospecimens from normal and diseased donors integrated with state-of-the-art CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited multi-omic service laboratories,” stated Jay Scherer, COO at Discovery Life Sciences. “We participated in Scientist.com’s VERIF.i program to demonstrate our strong and continued commitment to offering high quality and ethical biospecimen solutions.”

Constructed as an expansion of Scientist.com’s award-winning COMPLi® solution, VERIF.i gives suppliers of regulated research services, such as human biospecimen acquisition, the opportunity to proactively communicate their quality standards against pre-defined criteria developed for use across the biopharma industry. VERIF.i assessments are carried out by independent, third-party auditors during an on-site inspection. The pre-assessments help suppliers demonstrate their quality and capabilities, while also helping researchers on and off the marketplace acquire human biological samples with more confidence, with lower risk and in less time.

“Human biospecimens are used across the entire drug discovery research pipeline and have become an invaluable resource for the development of new precision medicines,” stated Matt McLoughlin, SVP of Categories & Compliance at Scientist.com. “VERIF.i creates a standardized process that helps researchers and suppliers reduce the high costs and resources required to ensure visibility, traceability and transparency of these solutions without sacrificing quality or ethics; it also provides confidence to donors that their samples are being used to help others and are treated in accordance with their wishes.”

For more information visit https://www.scientist.com/verifi/

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