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Pando Software begint pre-registratie van drie nieuwe P2E Pandonia-universums

SEOUL, Zuid-Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het nieuwe P2E Pandonia Universe begint met pre-registratie voorafgaand aan de gelijktijdige wereldwijde release. De drie Pandonia Universes omvatten ‘Pandonia Arena’, ‘Guardians of Pandonia’ en ‘Dragons of Pandonia’. Pre-registratie is nu beschikbaar op https://pandonia.co.

‘Pandonia Arena’ met unieke helden

‘Pandonia Arena’ is uitgegeven als non-fungible tokens (NFT) voor helden met onderscheidende beelden en unieke vaardigheden. De besturingsmethode waarmee iedereen gemakkelijk kan spelen, zoals de Battle Royale-modus, de Big Bos-modus en de Crown-modus, is een enorm voordeel. De wereldwijde No.1 Arcade NFT-gebaseerde P2E-game ‘Pandonia Arena’ wordt in mei uitgebracht.

Deze bekendmaking is officieel geldend in de originele brontaal. Vertalingen zijn slechts als leeshulp bedoeld en moeten worden vergeleken met de tekst in de brontaal, die als enige rechtsgeldig is.

Pando Software Begins Pre-Registration of Three New P2E Pandonia Universes

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The new P2E Pandonia Universe starts pre-registration ahead of its simultaneous worldwide release. The three Pandonia Universes include ‘Pandonia Arena,’ ‘Guardians of Pandonia,’ and ‘Dragons of Pandonia.’ Pre-registration is available now on https://pandonia.co.

‘Pandonia Arena’ with unique heroes

‘Pandonia Arena’ was issued as non-fungible tokens (NFT) for heroes with distinctive visuals and unique skills. The control method that allows anyone to play easily, such as battle royale mode, big boss mode, and crown mode, is a huge advantage. The global No.1 Arcade NFT-based P2E game ‘Pandonia Arena’ will be released in May.

New collectible RPG, P2E game ‘Guardians of Pandonia’

‘Guardians of Pandonia’ is a mobile collectible RPG where you can create your own team with up to six characters and enjoy adventures, raids, and PvP content. In particular, there are high expectations for this new collectible P2E game in Japan, so it is planned to be released in June.

MMORPG ‘Dragons of Pandonia,’ a story created with a variety of dragons

‘Dragons of Pandonia’ is an MMORPG focused on dragons. It is the P2E-based MMORPG where users write their own huge and powerful stories relying on five different occupation types and various dragons. Development is underway aiming at a global launch in July.

Special benefits for pre-registrants of the three Pandonia Universes

For pre-registered users, Pando Software has announced that it will provide game-related privileges along with an airdrop event in which 10,000 mPANDO will be drawn and distributed, fitting the game’s official release date.

In the three new Pandonia Universes, users can acquire mPANDO through gameplay as well as through other games currently being serviced by Pando Software. mPANDO is a MainNet coin and is designed to be used for various in-game applications.

Starting with the ‘Legend of Pandonia’ as its first P2E project in 2022, Pando Software has continued with the ‘I Love Pandonia’ release to the global market.

The detailed schedule and news about the three Pandonia Universes can be checked on the official website (https://pandonia.co).

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Three new P2E Pandonia Universes have started pre-registration ahead of their worldwide release. The three Pandonia Universes include ‘Pandonia Arena,’ ‘Guardians of Pandonia,’ and ‘Dragons of Pandonia.’ Pre-registration is available now on the official website. (Graphic: Business Wire)

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