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Image Analyzer breidt technologie partnerschap uit met OpenText

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Image Analyzer, leverancier van bekroonde technologie voor visuele herkenning van bedreigingen, heeft een uitgebreide technologie leveringsovereenkomst aangekondigd met OpenText™, een wereldleider in informatiebeheer en toonaangevende leverancier van digitale forensische software. Volgens de voorwaarden van de overeenkomst heeft OpenText het Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS) geïntegreerd in zijn OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard-product.

Magellan Risk Guard combineert tekstmining, computervisie, datavisualisatie en herstel in één enkele, krachtige, intuïtieve applicatie waarmee organisaties snel inhoud kunnen ontdekken en adresseren die een risico vormt voor mensen, IT-infrastructuur en bedrijfsreputatie.

Image Analyzer Extends Technology Partnership with OpenText

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Image Analyzer, vendor of award-winning visual threat recognition technology, has announced an extended Technology Supply Agreement with OpenText™, a global leader in Information Management and leading provider of digital forensic software. Under the terms of the agreement, OpenText has integrated Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS) into its OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard product.

Magellan Risk Guard combines text mining, computer vision, data visualization and remediation into a single, powerful, intuitive application that enables organizations to rapidly discover and address content that poses a risk to people, IT infrastructure, and corporate reputation.

By incorporating Image Analyzer’s AI-powered visual threat moderation technology, OpenText Magellan Risk Guard also provides comprehensive data discovery, which automatically identifies more than 50 categories of inappropriate content – including personal identification, credit cards and gambling activities – which may be embedded within structured and unstructured data such as emails, messages, images and videos. Using the intuitive user interface, corporate risk managers can rapidly discover sensitive content hidden on their organization’s systems and delete, move, or flag items for further action with built-in reporting.

Magellan Risk Guard is an AI-powered software which reduces manual effort and helps organizations to avoid losses associated with reputational harm resulting from inappropriate or illegal content being stored on internal or publicly accessible data repositories. The software allows organizations to apply data discovery and moderation at scale and keep pace with current and evolving regulatory requirements.

Commenting on the new offering for customers, Muhi Majzoub, EVP and Chief Product Officer OpenText said, “OpenText has a strong track record in helping companies and law enforcement teams leverage leading technology like Magellan Risk Guard to tackle modern digital threats and remediate risky content. We are excited to expand our partnership with Image Analyzer, providing customers with an AI-powered solution that can help discover and identify content that could be deemed as harmful to an organization’s people, reputation, and revenue.”

Impending online harms legislation will bring many organizations into scope to rapidly remove illegal and harmful content stored on company networks, and digital public platforms. The UK Online Safety Bill proposes penalties of up to 10% of global turnover (a company’s total revenues) for non-compliance, while the EU Digital Services Act proposes fines of up to 6% of global turnover for failure to swiftly remove illegal content from digital platforms.

Magellan Risk Guard is specifically designed to automate and accelerate identification of content that includes extreme violence, pornography, child exploitation, illegal drug, weaponry, and various other forms of objectionable content using a powerful combination of AI, computer vision, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU).

Cris Pikes, CEO of Image Analyzer comments, “Image Analyzer is committed to matching corporate risk profile and delivering industry-leading image and video-based threat detection. By incorporating Image Analyzer’s visual threat moderation technology, OpenText Magellan Risk Guard will provide organizations with an AI-powered module to manage reputational, legal and compliance risks posed by inappropriate or illegal images and videos being shared or stored on corporate systems.”

In 2019 Image Analyzer and OpenText signed a Technology Supply Agreement, providing OpenText with the right to incorporate Image Analyzer’s image and visual threat scanning technology within its own products. Today’s announcement follows the integration of Image Analyzer AI computer vision technology within OpenTextTM EnCaseTM Forensic and OpenTextTM EnCaseTM Endpoint Investigator via the OpenTextTM Media Analyzer for EnCaseTM module, which is used by law enforcement agencies and corporate investigators to speed identification of digital visual evidence within huge databases of both structured and unstructured data.


Image Analyzer commissioned technology lawyers at Bird & Bird to write two whitepapers which provide an overview of the legal obligations that will be introduced under the UK Online Safety Bill and the European Union Digital Services Act proposals and the steps that organizations can take in preparation. To download the whitepapers, please visit: https://www.image-analyzer.com/online-safety-legislation.

About Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer provides artificial intelligence-based content moderation technology for image, video and streaming media, including live-streamed footage uploaded by users. Its technology helps organizations minimize their corporate legal risk exposure caused by employees or users abusing their digital platform access to share harmful visual material. Image Analyzer’s technology has been designed to identify visual risks in milliseconds, including illegal content, and images and videos that are deemed harmful to users, especially children and vulnerable adults.

The company is a member of the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA).

Image Analyzer holds various patents across multiple countries under the Patent Co-operation Treaty. Its worldwide customers typically include large technology and cybersecurity vendors, digital platform providers, digital forensic solution vendors, online community operators, and education technology providers which integrate its AI technology into their own solutions.

For further information please visit: https://www.image-analyzer.com

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