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Ahrefs lanceert nieuwe op gebruik gebaseerde prijzen

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Ahrefs, een toonaangevend SEO-softwarebedrijf, introduceert op gebruik gebaseerde prijzen op de markt. Met ingang van vandaag zorgt het nieuwe prijsmodel ervoor dat nieuwe klanten worden afgerekend op basis van hun verbruik van de toolset. Voorheen zaten gebruikers vast aan rigide abonnementen en hadden ze vaak toegang tot meer functies dan ze nodig hadden. Met de nieuwe op gebruik gebaseerde prijsstelling kunnen klanten hun gebruik van Ahrefs beter afstemmen op hun specifieke behoeften.

Het vernieuwde prijsmodel wordt geleverd met een reeks nieuwe functies, die klanten meer flexibiliteit bieden. Door verschillende aanpassingen te bieden, is Ahrefs nu meer dan ooit compatibel met bedrijven van elke omvang.

Ahrefs Launches New Usage-Based Pricing

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Ahrefs, a leading SEO software company, introduces usage-based pricing to the market. Effective from today, the new pricing model ensures new customers are charged according to their consumption of the toolset. Previously, users were locked into rigid subscriptions, often having access to more features than they needed. With the new usage-based pricing, customers can better align their use of Ahrefs with their specific needs.

The revamped pricing model comes with a set of new features, offering more flexibility to customers. By providing various customizations, Ahrefs is now more compatible than ever with businesses of all sizes.

1. Inactive user seats are free with immediate effect. There’s no more need to purchase additional user seats. Customers are empowered to add the entire team at no cost and pay only for their usage. Larger companies will find it more affordable to provide additional team members with visibility into search insights.

2. No more weekly limits for reports per tool. Every user is authorized to use up to five reports a month without being charged. By reassigning the report limits from the workspace to a user, Ahrefs ensures everyone can use the data allowance on the tool they actually need. Weekly limits will be replaced with global monthly limits.

3. Comfortable billing due to pre-pay and pay-as-you-go pricing. For more predictability, customers can pre-purchase data add-ons for the month or year. If a customer goes over their pre-purchase allowance, their account rolls over to pay-as-you-go pricing and over-usage will be automatically added to the next billing cycle. Pre-paying for add-ons is less expensive, allowing businesses to plan their budgets more effectively.

The new usage-based pricing offers greater customization on various features. Companies can tailor packages based on tracked keywords, reports, projects, export rows, crawl credits, and more.

About Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a leading software company offering an SEO toolset that empowers everyone with search insights to create better business outcomes. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Facebook, Uber, and LinkedIn achieve their presence on top pages on Google by building their brand visibility with Ahrefs.

To learn more about how Ahrefs helps you grow the online visibility of your business, visit the company website.


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