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LIDE Biotech neemt deel aan VERIF.i®, Scientist.com’s supplier pre-assessment programma, om aanhoudende groei in Noord-Amerika en de EU te ondersteunen

VERIF.i® biedt gestandaardiseerde, onafhankelijke laboratoriuminspecties ter plaatse die de faciliteiten, het personeel en de processen van gereguleerde onderzoek leveranciers evalueren

SAN DIEGO-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Scientist.com, de toonaangevende R&D marktplaats voor de farmaceutische sector, kondigde vandaag aan dat VERIF.i®, het pre-assessment programma van het bedrijf voor leveranciers, gebruikt is om met succes een on-site beoordeling af te ronden van de LIDE Biotech faciliteit in Shanghai, China. VERIF.i is ontwikkeld om gebruikers aan beide kanten van de Scientist.com marktplaats te helpen de kwaliteitsnormen te verbeteren en indirecte kosten te verlagen.

LIDE Biotech Participates in VERIF.i®, Scientist.com’s Supplier Pre-assessment Program, to Support Continued Growth in North America and the EU

VERIF.i® offers standardized, independent, on-site lab inspections that evaluate the facilities, personnel and processes of regulated research suppliers

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the pharmaceutical industry’s leading R&D marketplace, announced today that VERIF.i®, the company’s supplier pre-assessment program, has been used to successfully complete an on-site assessment of the LIDE Biotech facility in Shanghai, China. VERIF.i was developed to help users on both sides of the Scientist.com marketplace improve quality standards and reduce indirect costs.

LIDE (Lab for Innovated Diagnosis and Experimental Therapeutics) Biotech is a translational medicine service provider that has delivered innovations in oncology translational research and immune-oncology for the past 11 years. LIDE was founded by overseas returnees Drs. Danyi Wen, Yizhun Zhu and others, with the goal of bringing together first-class research and management teams with advanced scientific backgrounds to push the frontier of translational medical research. LIDE is committed to superior research quality; in 2015, it partnered with several large pharma and biotech companies to create a PDX Consortium Board with the goal of promoting and ensuring high PDX standards across China.

“At LIDE we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards by ensuring superior quality of our facilities and the world class scientists operating them,” stated Dr. Danyi Wen, President and CEO of LIDE Biotech. “Together with other industry certifications, VERIF.i allows us to showcase our quality commitment across the industry in North America and Europe as well as in the growing Scientist.com marketplace.”

VERIF.i gives suppliers of regulated research services the opportunity to proactively communicate their standards against pre-defined criteria developed for the biopharma industry and then confirm them through independent, third-party auditors that carry out an on-site inspection. Pre-assessments help suppliers such as LIDE Biotech demonstrate their quality and capabilities, while also helping pharma and biotech customers purchase regulated services in an accelerated manner with more confidence and less risk.

“Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, on-site assessments of laboratories were difficult to complete owing to the high cost and intensive resource and time requirements,” stated Matt McLoughlin, SVP of Categories and Compliance at Scientist.com. “VERIF.i addresses these challenges by creating a standardized process for both customers and suppliers. It also enables suppliers like LIDE to differentiate themselves from their peers by sharing independent insight into their facilities, personnel and processes.”

VERIF.i is an expansion of Scientist.com’s award-winning COMPLi® solution. For more information visit https://www.scientist.com/verifi/

About LIDE Biotech

LIDE biotech is committed to accelerating translation from pre-clinical to clinical for our clients. We do this through our unique access to fresh patient samples, received daily via our close hospital partnerships across China. These relationships combined with our proprietary kits, tumor sample kit, CRC kit, MiniPDX assay kit, and K-Cell kits, LIDE’s platform gives our clients the competitive edge to save time and budget. Based on this success, LIDE has built a robust database of over 1600+ PDX, CDX, and Cell Line models which grows daily. Our CRO services can be custom tailored based on what stage of the pre-clinical oncology drug development process you’re in, including clinical biopsy collection, in vitro/in vivo studies, transcription RNA and DNA analysis, and Immuno-Oncology capabilities.

LIDE Biotech will be at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in New Orleans from April 10 – 13. Stop by First Floor Exhibit Hall D-H, Booth # 2057.

Watch LIDE Biotech’s Director of Immuno-Oncology, Dr. Bin Xie discuss current and novel Immuno-Oncology drug evaluation methods via humanized mouse models on a Scientist.com-hosted webinar.

Visit www.lidebiotech.com to learn more and follow updates on the LIDE Biotech LinkedIn page.

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