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Intelsat beveiligt verlenging van Vodacom DRC Ku-band-contract met Managed CellBackhaul Service

MCLEAN, Va.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Intelsat, exploitant van ‘s werelds grootste geïntegreerde satelliet- en terrestrische netwerk, is door Vodacom DRC, een toonaangevend mobiel telecommunicatiebedrijf in de Democratische Republiek Congo (DRC), geselecteerd om haar Ku-band satellietdiensten te leveren. De end-to-end beheerde CellBackhaul dienst van Intelsat zal dienen als alternatieve backhauldienst voor bepaalde sites als onderdeel van Vodacoms Rural Communication Solution (RCS) initiatief om mobiele diensten aan te bieden aan diepgelegen rurale sites in de DRC.

Als onderdeel van de “Inclusion for All”-pijler van hun Vision 2025-strategie, brengt Vodacom beschikbare transportnetwerken en hybride stroomoplossingen samen om landelijke communicatiediensten te verbeteren en te upgraden. Intelsat’s Ku-band-capaciteit en de door CellBackhaul beheerde service stellen Vodacom in staat om mobiele connectiviteit uit te breiden naar gebieden waar glasvezel- of microgolf-backhaul-netwerken nog niet beschikbaar zijn of niet kunnen worden geïmplementeerd.

Intelsat Secures Extension of Vodacom DRC Ku-band Contract with Managed CellBackhaul Service

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Intelsat, operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, has been selected by Vodacom DRC, a leading mobile telecommunication company in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to provide its Ku-band satellite services. Intelsat’s end-to-end managed CellBackhaul service will serve as an alternative backhaul service to certain sites as a component of Vodacom’s Rural Communication Solution (RCS) initiative to bring mobile services to deep rural sites in DRC.

As part of the “Inclusion for All” pillar of their Vision 2025 strategy, Vodacom brings together available transport networks and hybrid power solutions to enhance and upgrade rural communication services. Intelsat’s Ku-band capacity and the CellBackhaul managed service enable Vodacom to extend mobile connectivity to areas where fiber or microwave backhaul networks are not yet available or unfeasible to deploy.

“We are pleased to continue to work with Intelsat on their new Ku-Band managed service as an alternative backhaul solution to support our rural expansion objectives,” said Didier Kabongo, CNO of Vodacom DRC. “Expanding mobile service to the underserved and unserved population of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a key pillar of our Vision 2025 strategy.”

Intelsat CellBackhaul combines the extended reach and resiliency of Intelsat’s largest-of-its-kind global network with network design, installation, and operation services, making it possible for mobile network operators to deploy services in areas where traditional terrestrial backhaul services are unavailable. CellBackhaul DRC extends Intelsat’s portfolio of managed cellular backhaul solutions that includes platforms in Europe, the United States and Japan.

Rhys Morgan, Intelsat’s vice president, and general manager, EMEA Media and Networks Sales said, “CellBackhaul managed services bring together the right capacity, services, and expertise to provide customers economical alternatives to expand into difficult areas. Intelsat is dedicated to this important partnership with Vodacom DRC, helping to deliver solutions that fill gaps where other technologies are unworkable.”

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