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Parse Biosciences haalt $ 41,5 miljoen Series B-ronde op om single-cell sequencing-producten op te schalen en productportfolio uit te breiden

Bedrijf om single-cell multi-omics-producten te commercialiseren en te maken

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Parse Biosciences, een bedrijf dat zich toelegt op het leveren van schaalbare single-cell sequencing-oplossingen, heeft vandaag $ 41,5 miljoen aan Series B-financiering aangekondigd, mede geleid door Marshall Wace en Janus Henderson Investors. Soleus Capital, Logos Capital en Bioeconomy Capital namen ook deel aan de ronde, waardoor de totale financiering van Parse Biosciences tot nu toe op meer dan $ 50 miljoen kwam.

De financiering zal worden gebruikt om de commercialisering van Parse’s Evercode Whole Transcriptome-producten uit te breiden, die onderzoekers in staat stellen cellen op verschillende schaalniveaus te profileren die ze kunnen aanpassen aan hun unieke experimentbehoeften. Evercode maakt gebruik van een gepatenteerde techniek van combinatorische barcodes die de resolutie van monsters verbetert, de transcriptiegevoeligheid verhoogt en de workflow vereenvoudigt.

Parse Biosciences Raises $41.5M Series B Round to Scale Single-Cell Sequencing Products and Expand Product Portfolio

Company to commercialize and create single-cell multi-omics products

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Parse Biosciences, a company dedicated to providing scalable single-cell sequencing solutions, today announced $41.5M in Series B funding co-led by Marshall Wace and Janus Henderson Investors. Soleus Capital, Logos Capital and Bioeconomy Capital also participated in the round, bringing Parse Biosciences’ total funding to date to over $50M.

The funding will be used to expand commercialization of Parse’s Evercode Whole Transcriptome products, which empower researchers to profile cells at various levels of scale which they’re able to tailor to their unique experiment needs. Evercode leverages a patented technique of combinatorial barcoding that improves sample resolution, increases transcript sensitivity, and simplifies workflow.

Parse’s product portfolio includes the Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mega, which can profile up to 1,000,000 cells in parallel, and the Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mini, a kit used to profile up to 10,000 cells in parallel for studies of smaller scale. Following their fundraise, Parse will expand the Evercode platform beyond transcriptomics, enabling researchers to elevate single cell multi-omic measurements to unprecedented scale.

“Understanding and thoroughly profiling cells at scale is fundamental to the future of groundbreaking discoveries in fields like oncology, immunology, and neuroscience,” said Alex Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Parse Biosciences. “Understanding the transcriptome is pivotal, but our expansion into multi-omics is a natural progression. We’re excited to begin expanding our product portfolio, starting later this year.”

The company’s new products will support applications including:

  • Immune profiling that will allow researchers to combine gene expression and receptor profiling.
  • Chromatin profiling that will provide valuable insights into cell-specific gene regulatory mechanisms, allowing for greater understanding of the epigenome.
  • High-throughput CRISPR screens that will enable monitoring of changes in gene expression based on genetic modulation in single cells.
  • Targeted gene panels that will enrich a subset of specific genes relevant to researchers, allowing for more scalable studies while maintaining reasonable sequencing costs.
  • Additional sensitivity of Evercode Whole Transcriptome kits, leading to a dramatic increase in transcript and gene detection.

Following the raise of their $7M Series A round in January 2021, Parse Biosciences extended its reach on a global scale. In October 2021, Parse partnered with Decode Sciences to provide its single-cell sequencing solution to Australia and New Zealand. Shortly afterwards, Parse announced a distribution agreement with Research Instruments Pte Ltd to expand its availability to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

“Since our Series A close, Parse has experienced unprecedented growth,” said Charlie Roco, CTO and co-founder of Parse Biosciences. “We’re continuing to develop our platform based on the needs of our customers, who are using single-cell sequencing at scale in ways we’ve never seen before. We are incredibly thankful to our investors for sharing our vision, and proud to support researchers who are driving remarkable insights, drastically impacting precision medicine and drug therapies as a whole.”

Parse Biosciences will be attending the annual Molecular and Precision Med Tri-Conference from February 21-23, 2022. In his session, “The Implications of Single-Cell Transcriptomics at Unprecedented Scale,” Charlie Roco will explore the significant impact of profiling the transcriptome at scale in numerous therapeutic areas. Parse will also host a webinar alongside the American Society of Human Genetics showcasing new capabilities of the Evercode platform on March 17, 2022 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Parse is currently hiring for additional members to join the team. For more information, please visit www.parsebiosciences.com/careers.

About Parse Biosciences

Parse Biosciences is a Seattle-based company with the mission of accelerating progress in human health and scientific research.

At the core of our company is our pioneering approach for single cell sequencing. Single-cell sequencing has already enabled groundbreaking discoveries which have led to new understandings of cancer treatment, tissue repair, stem cell therapy, kidney and liver disease, brain development, and the immune system. At Parse Biosciences, we are providing researchers with the ability to perform single cell sequencing with unprecedented scale and ease.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.parsebiosciences.com/.


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