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Rosenberger kondigt de spin-off aan van de productportfolio van antenne- en dekkingsoplossingen met een nieuwe merkentiteit, PROSE

FRIDOLFING, Duitsland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De Rosenberger Group heeft vandaag de spin-off aangekondigd van haar productportfolio voor antenne- en dekkingsoplossingen met een nieuwe merkentiteit, PROSE. De strategische focus van PROSE zal liggen op de ontwikkeling van antennes voor basisstations, microgolfantennes, dekkingsoplossingen voor binnen en buiten, Open RAN-subsystemen en aanverwante diensten.

PROSE zal worden geleid door mevrouw Aili Liu, de mede-oprichter en voormalig president van Rosenberger Asia Pacific en Rosenberger Technologies. Als onafhankelijke entiteit zal PROSE, met zijn slanke, flexibele en gedecentraliseerde organisatiestructuur, beter in staat zijn om wereldwijde klanten te bedienen en de groei te beheren door in hoog tempo nieuwe technologieën en oplossingen te introduceren, afgestemd op de toenemende behoeften van klanten. Zijn productportfolio zal Rosenbergers traditie van de hoogste innovatie en kwaliteit in stand houden en tegelijkertijd verbeterde technologische expertise en verbeterde klantenondersteuning bieden.

Rosenberger Announced the Spinoff of Antenna and Coverage Solution Product Portfolio with a New Brand Entity, PROSE

FRIDOLFING, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Rosenberger Group today announced the spinoff of its antenna and coverage solution product portfolio with a new brand entity, PROSE. The strategic focus of PROSE will be towards the development of base station antennas, microwave antennas, indoor and outdoor coverage solutions, Open RAN sub-systems and related services.

PROSE will be headed by Mrs. Aili Liu, the co-founder and former president of Rosenberger Asia Pacific and Rosenberger Technologies. As an independent entity, PROSE, with its lean, agile, and decentralized organizational structure, will be better placed to serve global customers and manage growth by bringing new technologies and solutions at a rapid rate, aligned with the increasing needs of customers. Its product portfolio will uphold Rosenberger’s tradition of the highest innovation and quality while delivering improved technology expertise and enhanced customer support.

The company consists of 3500+ people, with 25 subsidiaries sales/service offices, 3 factories and 4 R&D centers across the globe. It will continue to serve more than 90 operators/service providers worldwide in all wireless customers’ needs and will include a special solution for 5G deployments.

Rosenberger’s CEO Mr. Eric Kueppers said, “Today is a defining moment for the entire Rosenberger Group. The two powerful, customer focused and independent companies are perfectly positioned to achieve sustainable future growth. As stand alone companies, each entity is better prepared to realize value add for our customers with tailored capital allocation and strategic flexibility to drive innovation and customer satisfaction.”

PROSE’s President Mrs. Aili Liu said “We look forward to making PROSE a unique brand with great quality products and the most advanced wireless technologies. With an expanded focus on research and development of base station antennas, In-Building Solutions, and O-RAN sub-systems, I believe that the new company will grow and expand its global reach, with fast delivery of tailored solutions to ever-changing customer requirements and needs.”

The transaction is planned to be completed by the first half of 2022.


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