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Nieuwe data: Het wereldkampioenschap voor wijn en andere biologische alcoholische dranken van 28 februari tot 02 maart 2022

MONTPELLIER, Frankrijk–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Aangezien de volksgezondheidssituatie die de wereld momenteel treft, het moeilijk maakt om internationale evenementen te organiseren en buitenlandse reizen belemmert, kondigt het bestuur van Sudvinbio het uitstel aan van de Millésime Bio 2022 wijnbeurs, zowel de digitale en fysieke formaten.

De nieuwe data om in de gaten te houden:

De fysieke sessie, Montpellier Exhibition Centre:

– maandag 28 februari t/m woensdag 02 maart 2022: nieuwe data

De digitale sessie:

– Maandag 24 en dinsdag 25 januari 2022: nieuwe data

Daag Millésime Bio uit:

– dinsdag 11 en woensdag 12 januari 2022: zelfde data

Exposanten en bezoekers wilden uitstel:

Deze beslissing werd genomen nadat exposanten en bezoekers op dinsdag 04 januari waren geraadpleegd om vast te stellen of ze op de geplande data (24-26 januari 2022 in Montpellier Exhibition Centre) door wilden gaan met Millésime Bio.

New dates: The World Championship for Wine and Other Organic Alcoholic Beverages from 28 February to 02 March 2022

MONTPELLIER, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Since the public health situation afflicting the world at the moment makes it difficult to organise international events and hinders foreign travel, the board of Sudvinbio is announcing the postponement of the Millésime Bio 2022 wine fair, both the digital and physical formats.

The new dates to note:

The physical session, Montpellier Exhibition Center :

Monday 28 February to Wednesday 02 March 2022: new dates

The digital session:

Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022: new dates

Challenge Millésime Bio :

Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 January 2022: same dates

Exhibitors and visitors wanted the postponement:

This decision was taken after exhibitors and visitors were consulted on Tuesday 04 January to establish whether they wanted to press ahead with Millésime Bio on the planned dates (24-26 January 2022 at Montpellier Exhibition Center).

The majority of the many people who expressed their views indicated they were in favour of postponing the fair while still wanting it to be held in 2022. Although the rules restricting attendances do not apply to trade fairs, nearly two thirds of customers spoken to by exhibitors said they could no longer guarantee that they would be able to make it to the event. The visitors’ survey confirmed this pattern, with a high proportion of respondents suggesting they would prefer not to travel.

Apply for your accreditation:

The online accreditation platform is still open. You can apply by logging on to your space through this link: click here.

To learn more about the organic wine market, discover the study conducted by Millésime Bio and Ipsos: European Observatory of Organic Wine Consumption – October 2021 downloadable on : https://www.millesime-bio.com/en/presse/dossiers-de-presse.


Organised by Sudvinbio, an inter-professional association made up of organic wine producers and marketers from the Occitanie region, Millésime Bio is the world trade fair for the organic wine, brewing and spirits sector. At the start of each year it becomes the planet’s marketplace for organic wine. In 2022 more than 1,450 wine producers will be able to use it to advance their businesses, with thousands of visitors attending every year. This edition will be held in two formats: a digital session open 24 hours a day on 24 and 25 January 2022, and a physical session in Montpellier Exhibition Center from 28 February to 02 March 2022.


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