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DEKRA terug op groeikoers

Impact van de pandemie van het coronavirus grotendeels overwonnen

STUTTGART, Duitsland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– DEKRA keert terug naar haar langdurige groeitraject in 2021. De wereldwijde expertorganisatie zal naar verwachting haar omzet met ongeveer 9% hebben verhoogd ten opzichte van het voorgaande jaar tot bijna € 3,5 miljard. Hiermee ligt de omzet met name boven die van het pre-coronavirus-recordjaar 2019 (€ 3,4 miljard). Het vaste personeel van DEKRA groeide met circa 900 tot circa 30.800. Als we rekening houden met uitzendwerk, zal het personeelsbestand met ongeveer 2.500 zijn toegenomen tot een totaal van ongeveer 46.500 eind 2021. “We zijn weer op de goede weg dankzij de wendbaarheid en toewijding van ons personeel over de hele wereld, onze sterke marktpositionering en consistente implementatie van onze digitale agenda”, zegt DEKRA CEO Stefan Kölbl.
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DEKRA Back on Growth Track

Impact of coronavirus pandemic largely overcome

STUTTGART, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– DEKRA is returning to its long-standing growth trajectory in 2021. The global expert organization is expected to have increased its revenue by around 9% over the previous year to almost €3.5 billion. Notably, this puts its revenue above that achieved in the pre-coronavirus record year of 2019 (€3.4 billion). DEKRA’s permanent staff grew by approximately 900 to about 30,800. When temp work is taken into account, the workforce will have increased by around 2,500 to a total of approximately 46,500 by the end of 2021. “We’re back on track thanks to the agility and dedication of our workforce around the world, our strong market positioning, and consistent implementation of our digital agenda,” says DEKRA CEO Stefan Kölbl.

For instance, the organization has been able to further improve its standing as an authorized testing, inspection, and certification partner for smart and connected products. In addition, DEKRA has moved to become an important partner on sustainability matters and has forged ahead with internationalizing its business, e.g., by adding more testing laboratories in Asia. “Looking back, it’s clear that we’ve navigated the worst of the pandemic effectively. By our company’s 100th birthday in 2025, we will have taken off as the global partner for a safe, secure, and sustainable world,” Kölbl adds.

DEKRA has used the time during the coronavirus pandemic to push ahead with a future-facing approach. According to Kölbl, the digital connectivity of products and systems has made it necessary to broaden the scope. People will continue to be front and center. But as well as the physical safety side, there is also the need to maintain the security of personal data and connected systems against external attacks. In addition, DEKRA has made sustainability an integral part of its identity. “Our goal is not only to be the global partner for a safe world – but a secure, and sustainable one, too,” Kölbl explains. “And ensuring we ourselves at DEKRA become carbon neutral by 2025 is now an official strategic goal of ours.” Having achieved a platinum rating, the highest available from EcoVadis, DEKRA is already among the top 1% of sustainable companies in its rankings.

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