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Cyberselves Tech laat mensen teleporteren naar robots aan de andere kant van de wereld

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Technologie waarmee mensen duizenden kilometers verderop in robots kunnen teleporteren, kan binnenkort helpen bij nucleaire ontmanteling en rampenherstel.

Gemaakt door roboticabedrijf Cyberselves, stelt de technologie menselijke operators in staat om door een robot te zien, horen en voelen, waardoor ze taken kunnen uitvoeren alsof ze er echt zijn.

De technologie kan ondersteuning op afstand bieden in gevaarlijke omgevingen, voor telegeneeskunde en ruimteverkenning.

De uitvinding heeft een plek veroverd in de finale van de ANA Avatar XPRIZE wereldwijde robotica-competitie.

De vierjarige wereldwijde competitie van $ 10 miljoen richt zich op de ontwikkeling van een avatarsysteem om de zintuigen, acties en aanwezigheid van een mens in realtime naar een afgelegen locatie te sturen.

Cyberselves Tech Lets Humans Teleport Into Robots on the Other Side of the World

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Technology that lets humans teleport into robots thousands of miles away could soon help with nuclear decommissioning and disaster recovery.

Created by robotics company Cyberselves, the tech allows human operators to see, hear and feel through a robot, allowing them to complete tasks as if they were really there.

The technology could provide remote support in hazardous environments, for telemedicine and space exploration.

The invention has won a spot in the finals of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE global robotics competition.

The $10 million four-year global competition focuses on the development of an avatar system to deploy a human’s senses, actions, and presence to a remote location in real time.

Cyberselves’ telepresence technology lets users teleport into a robot from long distances. This could make it easier for humans to safely carry out hazardous tasks, including nuclear decommissioning, bomb disposal and offshore wind production.

In the Miami semi-finals, the avatar robots overcame three challenges: completing a children’s jigsaw puzzle, raising a wine glass for a toast, and lifting a vase to feel its texture.

Daniel Camilleri, co-founder and CTO at Cyberselves said: “We are incredibly proud to have made it into the finals. Our Teleport app makes the remote operation of robots both powerfully effective and functionally simple. Sending signals through our cloud-based, low-latency communications platform, Animus, a movement made by a human operator in Europe could be carried out almost simultaneously by a robot in the United States.”

The competition began with 97 teams. 37 of these made it into the semi-finals, with only 15 chosen to move forward into the final stage.

David Locke, executive prize director of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE said: “The cutting-edge technology we witnessed at semi-finals testing has the potential to entirely reimagine the human experience. We’re excited to see how teams further fine-tune their technology systems as we lead up to finals testing.”

Junko Yazawa, senior vice president of All Nippon Airways (ANA), which sponsors the Avatar XPRIZE, said of the finalists: “We are really proud of their achievements so far with their innovative Avatar technology that will most definitely be an important part of our future in travel and human connections.”

The finals in Autumn 2022 will see teams compete to win a share of $8M.



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