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County of Kings boosts Canada’s rural connectivity with ADVA

News summary:

  • Municipality committed to delivering high-speed broadband to homes and businesses in underserved areas
  • ADVA FSP 3000 open optical transport technology enables reliable and affordable internet services throughout rural communities
  • Multi-degree ROADMs support automatic traffic rerouting for enhanced availability

COLDBROOK, Nova Scotia, Canada–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that the Municipality of the County of Kings has deployed its FSP 3000 open optical transport technology, expanding Canada’s rural connectivity. The solution enables the municipality to provide reliable, high-speed broadband services to homes and businesses in currently underserved areas. It offers a major boost to the federal, provincial and municipal governments’ mission to bridge the digital divide across Nova Scotia. Featuring open terminals, including ADVA’s OpenFabric™ and QuadFlex line cards, as well as colorless, directionless and flexgrid multi-degree ROADMs, the new network offers flexibility to reroute traffic for enhanced reliability.

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ADVA is helping the County of Kings to close the digital divide in rural communities. (Photo: Business Wire)

ADVA is helping the County of Kings to close the digital divide in rural communities. (Photo: Business Wire)

“With support from the federal and provincial governments, we’re determined to ensure that every household and enterprise across our municipality is able to receive reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity. By leveraging ADVA’s FSP 3000 technology, we can meet the needs of even our most remote rural communities and make sure no one gets left behind,” said Mayor Peter Muttart, Municipality of the County of Kings. “The small footprint and low power consumption of ADVA’s solution were key factors for us when selecting our new infrastructure. The technology has enabled us to grow our network sustainably and efficiently, and the scalability of the FSP 3000 platform means we’re ready to expand further in years to come.”

Built on ADVA FSP 3000 open optical transport technology, the County of King’s new infrastructure transmits services at speeds up to 100Gbit/s. The flexible and fully redundant ROADM network delivers the highest levels of availability by automatically rerouting traffic in the case of fiber breaks. The ADVA FSP 3000 platform simplifies operations and helps to reduce both capex and opex. The network includes ADVA’s 400Gbit/s QuadFlex and OpenFabric line cards, as well as lower-rate service multiplexing and an open, reconfigurable line system. With an agile modular design, this truly open solution gives the Municipality of the County of Kings total freedom to evolve and optimize each network layer separately in the future.

“This deployment shows that the County of Kings shares our drive to create a more connected world. High-speed broadband has the power to improve lives and transform businesses. Being able to access digital information – to learn, shop and socialize online – brings enormous advantages to local communities and economies. With our technology and support, the County of Kings is delivering those benefits to all of its residents,” commented John Scherzinger, SVP, sales, North America, ADVA. “For too long, rural areas have had to struggle without the essential utility of broadband. Now, we’re helping customers like the County of Kings to end that disparity.”

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