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Enlaps lanceert Planet Watch _ by Enlaps, een wereldwijde oproep voor projecten die gletsjers bestuderen

PARIJS-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Ter gelegenheid van de COP26 lanceert Enlaps, het in Frankrijk gevestigde technologiebedrijf dat digitale beeldoplossingen biedt, Planet Watch _ by Enlaps, een project dat het mogelijk zal maken om gezamenlijk gletsjergegevens in kaart te brengen, toegankelijk voor de hele wetenschappelijke gemeenschap, besluitvormers en burgers. Glaciologen die worden geselecteerd om deel te nemen aan het initiatief zal helpen bevorderen van de studie van gletsjers over de hele wereld, door het documenteren en meten van de opwarming van de aarde impact. Planet Watch _ by Enlaps zal dit onderzoek ondersteunen door tien Enlaps Tikee camera’s ter beschikking te stellen, evenals gratis toegang tot het myTikee cloud platform. De oproep voor projecten is bedoeld om het publiek bewuster te maken van ecologische vraagstukken, om internationale initiatieven te versnellen en om wetenschappers over de hele wereld te voorzien van baanbrekende apparatuur en overtuigende gegevens.

Enlaps Launches Planet Watch _ by Enlaps, a Global Call for Projects Studying Glaciers

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– On the occasion of the COP26, Enlaps, the France-base technology company that provides digital image solution, launches Planet Watch _ by Enlaps, a project that will enable the collaborative creation of glacier data mapping, accessible to the entire scientific community, decision makers and citizens. Glaciologists who are selected to partake in the initiative will help advance the study of glaciers across the world, by documenting and measuring the global warming impact. Planet Watch _ by Enlaps will support this research by providing ten Enlaps Tikee cameras, as well as free access to the myTikee cloud platform. The call for projects aims to raise public awareness of ecological issues, to accelerate international initiatives, and to provide scientists around the world with game-changing equipment and compelling data.

Planet Watch _ by Enlaps’ Global Call for Projects was announced by Heidi Sevestre (glaciologist, ICPP, AMAP) at the COP26. Those interested in participating in the Planet Watch by Enlaps project should apply online by January 15, 2022 with project proposals that are as carbon neutral as possible, and useful to the international scientific community. The jury comprises, Antoine Auberton (Enlaps’ CEO), Heidi Sevestre, Luc Moreau (glaciologist associated with the Edytem CNRS laboratory), Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Good Planet Foundation), and Sophie Szopa (researcher and IPCC). It will ultimately select ten projects on the basis of technical feasibility, scientific interest and the emblematic dimension of the chosen location.

Selected researchers will have free access to multiple resources, such as a self-sufficient Tikee 3 PRO camera. Enlaps’ Tikee 3 PRO solution, which is energy autonomous thanks to the integration of photovoltaic panels, facilitates research projects due to its remotely data sharing capacity. Already, Enlaps’ Tikee cameras monitor and analyze glaciers across the world, from Santa Isabel (Colombia), to Fellaria (Italy), Combe Maudite (France), Heinabergjokull (Iceland), and many others.

The collected data will be pooled to create an interactive smart map, updated daily. Besides, researchers will regularly share their results on the project’s blog, accessible to the whole scientific community. Results will also serve citizens and decision-makers to fuel their fight against the climate crisis. All in all, this initiative will model global warming’s impact on the planet, in a concrete way, and favor future disasters or possible improvements’ prediction.


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