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Optiver kondigt hoofdteam voor strategische investeringen aan

CHICAGO & AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Optiver, een toonaangevende wereldwijde marktmaker, is verheugd de lancering aan te kondigen van haar initiatief voor strategische investeringen, Optiver Principal Strategic Investments (PSI). Optiver zet zich al meer dan 35 jaar in voor het verbeteren van de wereldwijde financiële markten in elk stadium, voor alle betrokken partijen. Via Optiver PSI wil het bedrijf voortbouwen op deze missie door samen te werken met ondernemers die de financiële markten van de toekomst vormgeven.

Historisch gezien was Optiver gefocust op haar kernactiviteit: het maken van markten in beursgenoteerde derivaten en aandelen. Door concurrerende prijzen, uitvoering en risicobeheer zijn de meer dan 1300 medewerkers van het bedrijf standvastig gebleven in hun gezamenlijke inzet om de markt te verbeteren. In de afgelopen jaren is het bedrijf tijdens zijn wereldwijde expansie steeds meer naar buiten gericht. Optiver Principal Strategic Investments is daarom een ​​natuurlijke evolutie van de missie van het bedrijf om op steeds grotere schaal vorm te geven aan de financiële markten van de toekomst.

Optiver Announces Principal Strategic Investments Team

CHICAGO & AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Optiver, a leading global market maker, is pleased to announce the launch of its corporate strategic investment initiative, Optiver Principal Strategic Investments (PSI). For more than 35 years, Optiver has been committed to improving global financial markets at every stage, for all parties involved. Through Optiver PSI, the firm seeks to build upon this mission by partnering with entrepreneurs shaping the financial markets of the future.

Historically, Optiver has been focused on its core activity of making markets in listed derivatives and equities. Through competitive pricing, execution and risk management, the firm’s 1300+ employees have remained steadfast in their shared commitment to improving the market. In recent years, the company has become increasingly outward looking throughout its global expansion. Optiver Principal Strategic Investments is therefore a natural evolution of the firm’s mission to shape financial markets of the future at increasing scale.

“More than ever before, Optiver is taking a proactive approach to seeing how partnering with external entrepreneurs and founders can further our overall mission to improve the markets,” said Jan Boomaars, Optiver Group CEO. “We are eager to discover and support the most innovative and impactful projects – not only in finance, but also in IT, blockchain and beyond. Our goal is to provide long-term guidance, mentorship and resources from true industry veterans.”

Drawing on deep market structure experience, Optiver PSI will be investing capital as well as its most precious resource – its people – into ideas spanning the full spectrum of FinTech, IT Infrastructure and Digital Assets. The initiative also provides access to Optiver’s invaluable network, which encompasses the leaders of today’s financial markets and infrastructure providers.

As part of a proprietary trading firm solely trading and investing its own capital, Optiver’s PSI team has the flexibility to partner with the most promising and relevant entrepreneurs – without specific size or return mandates. Optiver PSI seeks budding businesses with a clear connection and long-term innovation potential for its core business. Beyond this, it does not have strict investment application criteria. To learn more about this exciting initiative please visit: https://www.optiver.com/psi/


Optiver is a global market maker with offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney, London and Shanghai. Over thirty years ago, we started business as a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange. Today, we are a leading liquidity provider, with more than 1000 employees in offices around the world, united in our commitment to improve the market by competitive pricing, execution and thorough risk management. By providing liquidity on multiple exchanges across the world in various financial instruments we participate in the safeguarding of healthy and efficient markets. We provide liquidity to financial markets using our own capital, at our own risk, trading a wide range of products: listed derivatives, cash equities, ETFs, bonds and foreign currencies.


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