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Zanoprima lanceert commerciële productie van zijn zeer zuivere tabaksvrije synthetische (S) nicotine met behulp van revolutionair gepatenteerd nieuw proces

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Zanoprima Lifesciences (www.zanoprima.com) (https://www.linkedin.com/company/zanoprima/), een in het VK gevestigd bedrijf, heeft de commerciële productie aangekondigd van zijn zeer zuivere synthetische (S)-Nicotine (SyNic) met behulp van een revolutionair gepatenteerd proces waarbij geen tabak of een synthetisch racemisch mengsel wordt gebruikt.

Dit is een mijlpaal ontwikkeling voor de tabakssector van biljoenen dollars en haar 1,3 miljard consumenten, aangezien het de komst inluidt van een superieur, aanzienlijk lager risico, kosteneffectief en groener alternatief voor een wereldwijde branche die misschien wel de grootste vermijdbare oorzaak is van de dood wereldwijd.

Zanoprima Launches Commercial Production of Its High Purity Tobacco-Free Synthetic (S) Nicotine Using Revolutionary Patented New Process

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Zanoprima Lifesciences (www.zanoprima.com) (https://www.linkedin.com/company/zanoprima/) a UK based company, announced commercial production of its high purity synthetic (S)-Nicotine (SyNic) using a revolutionary patented process that does not involve the use of tobacco or any synthetic racemic mixture.

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Zanoprima's tobacco-free high purity synthetic (S) Nicotine is SyNic (Graphic: Business Wire)

Zanoprima’s tobacco-free high purity synthetic (S) Nicotine is SyNic (Graphic: Business Wire)

This is a landmark development for the trillion-dollar tobacco industry and its 1.3 billion consumers as it heralds the arrival of a superior, substantially lower-risk, cost-effective, and greener alternative to a global industry that is arguably the single biggest avoidable cause of death globally.

Zanoprima has developed and patented the process to manufacture high purity (typically 99.9%), synthetic (S)-Nicotine (SyNic) for commercial use that is free of TSNA (tobacco-specific Nitrosamines), toxins, carcinogens, odour, and harsh taste. Zanoprima offers the entire range of products including SyNic (S)-Nicotine Bitartrate (Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate), SyNic (S)-Nicotine polacrilex resin/Nicotine resinate and its novel proprietary (S)-Nicotine complex.

SyNic (S)-Nicotine conforms to and exceeds European Pharmacopeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications. “Green Chemistry” principles compliant production process minimizes the environmental impacts of nicotine production. Applications include:

SyNic Protonated (S)-Nicotine e-liquid for e-cigarettes is without any potentially harmful ingredients such as organic acids and propylene glycol. It is pure, stable and has a long shelf life. E-cigarettes that use SyNic offer a smooth taste and enhanced nicotine experience, a distinct advantage given the nicotine limit guidelines/rules in e-liquids in the EU and other geographies.

Znus: Tobacco-free white snus is completely sodium and tobacco free, delivering a smooth taste without the characteristic odour and harshness of natural nicotine. It has an instant burst followed by sustained release as desired by the traditional Snus users.

Next-gen chewing gum and lozenges that are sodium free offer unique characteristics, providing an instant burst and sustained release of nicotine that users seek. These gums and lozenges contain a new proprietary nicotine complex with superior bioavailability and taste.

Forthcoming launches: Tobacco free heated nicotine products unlike existing tobacco-based Heat Not Burn products and skin friendly transdermal patches for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Global Patents: Zanoprima owns patent applications or registration for its revolutionary manufacturing process in all major geographies including United States, Europe, Great Britain, Australia, China, India, and others.

As a responsible synthetic nicotine (SyNic) manufacturer Zanoprima will distribute SyNic in strict compliance with regulations in each of its markets, globally.



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