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Met Brightcove CorpTV™ kunnen merken verder gaan dan conventionele websites en meer producten verkopen, het publiek dieper betrekken en geld verdienen met boeiende inhoud

BOSTON– (BUSINESS WIRE)– In de post pandemische, sterk virtuele wereld wordt het steeds moeilijker om de aandacht van het publiek te trekken en vast te houden. Om organisaties te helpen hun publiek te behouden, te betrekken en te laten groeien, heeft Brightcove® Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV) vandaag Brightcove CorpTV aangekondigd, een oplossing die is ontworpen voor bedrijven om te denken en te handelen als mediamerken. Brightcove CorpTV stelt organisaties in staat om kanalen te creëren die vergelijkbaar zijn met Netflix of Hulu en die content streamen naar klanten en medewerkers en andere doelgroepen, elk met hun eigen, doelgroep specifieke content.


With Brightcove CorpTV™, brands can go beyond conventional websites and sell more products, engage audiences more deeply, and monetize compelling content

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In the post-pandemic, highly virtual world, it is increasingly difficult to attract and keep audiences’ attention. To help organizations retain, engage, and grow audiences, Brightcove® Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV) today announced Brightcove CorpTV, a solution designed for companies to think and act like media brands. Brightcove CorpTV enables organizations to create channels similar to Netflix or Hulu that stream content to customers and employees and other target audiences, each with their own, audience-specific, content.

Brightcove CorpTV will help companies forge stronger connections with their customers, partners, and employees over any device, including connected TVs, by streaming branded stories, shows, case studies, demos, training content, speeches, panels, tech explainers, cause-related content, and entertaining diversions. Companies can even sell ad time, sponsorships, and premium content on their CorpTV channels.

With Brightcove CorpTV, brands will be able to consolidate video repositories, measure viewership, and maintain a continuous connection with their audiences. Viewers, as they do with their favorite streaming sites, will start their Brightcove CorpTV experience at a branded video gallery where they can investigate products, connect with peers, and develop an affinity to the streamer’s brand. Brightcove CorpTV can serve employee audiences the same way.

“Companies for the first time have an opportunity to cut through the noise, transcend static websites, and enthrall the people they want to connect with,” said Brightcove CMO Jennifer Griffin Smith. “The secret is thinking like a media company and engaging audiences, driving greater brand awareness, creating new revenue streams and brand loyalty. To see Brightcove CorpTV in action, check out the Brightcove PLAY TV app, Brightcove’s very own Brightcove CorpTV channel.”

Video is a powerful platform to increase website traffic and improve audience education and engagement. Brightcove CorpTV enables enterprises to publish website content quickly, simply and cost-effectively in a format their customers prefer and have come to expect — streaming video.

About Brightcove Inc.

Brightcove creates the world’s most reliable, scalable, and secure video technology solutions to build a greater connection between companies and their audiences, no matter where they are or on which devices they consume content. In more than 70 countries, Brightcove’s intelligent video platform enables businesses to sell to customers more effectively, media leaders to stream and monetize content more reliably, and every organization to communicate with team members more powerfully. With two Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards for innovation, uptime that consistently leads the industry, and unmatched scalability, we continuously push the boundaries of what video can do. Follow Brightcove on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Visit www.brightcove.com. Brightcove. Video that means business™.





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