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Deens robotbedrijf Kobots open voor investeerders

ODENSE, Denemarken–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De mensen achter Kobots weten dat bouwvakkers profiteren van gezondere, langere en productievere carrières wanneer robots worden gebruikt om een deel van de workflow te automatiseren. Met behulp van het Britse crowd sourcing platform Seedrs – dat geen minimale investeringsvereiste heeft – nodigt Kobots iedereen uit om in zijn robots te investeren om de toekomst van de bouw te helpen.

De verkoop van Kobots’ robot voor het snijden van gipsplaten “Amigo” ging van start in 2020 en Kobots haalt 10 miljoen Deense kronen (1,4 miljoen euro) op om zijn internationale expansie te financieren. Amigo is ontwikkeld door de Deense timmerman Peter Hartvigsen om automatisch gipsplaten te zagen met behulp van metingen die in een telefoon-app zijn ingevoerd.

Danish Robotics Company Kobots Open to Investors

ODENSE, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The people behind Kobots know that construction workers benefit from healthier, longer and more productive careers when robots are used to automate part of the workflow. Using the British crowdsourcing platform, Seedrs – which has no minimum investment requirement – Kobots is inviting everyone to invest in its robots to help the future of construction.

Sales of Kobots’ drywall cutting robot “Amigo” took off in 2020, and Kobots is raising 10 million Danish kroner (1.4 million Euro) to fund its international expansion. Amigo was developed by Danish carpenter Peter Hartvigsen to automatically cut drywall using measurements entered in a phone app.

Right now, Amigo is cutting 40,000 square metres of drywall used to construct the Danish highrise, Lighthouse.

“Amigo is perfect for Lighthouse because we have to cut so much drywall,” said Morten Kjaer, enterprise manager for Hustømrerne A/S, which works on LightHouse. “It allows us to keep a fast pace on the construction site.”

Dust reduction means big benefits to the work environment

Construction dust related lung disease takes the lives of 250 Danish workers annually.

Jonas Nymark hangs drywall at the Lighthouse site and he says the robot makes a huge difference in air quality.

“It’s scary: we used to have at least three times as much dust in the air before we started using Amigo,” Nymark said. “I don’t want to go back to working in all that dust.”

Nobody is too busy to automize

Since its introduction in 2020, Kobot’s Amigo has cut enough drywall to cover 24 football fields, and it has preserved 34 tonnes of materials by saving and automatically remembering to use smaller pieces.

“Any company that’s gotten a demo of Amigo has either purchased or leased the robot,” said Peter Hartvigsen. “Kobots is positioned right there on the hockey stick growth chart where things are really going to take off.”

Collaboration with Velux and James Hardie Group

Among Kobots’ owners are some of the Danish robotics industry’s heavy hitters, like Niels Jul Jacobsen, the man behind Mobile Industrial Robots and Capra Robotics.

Construction material producers Velux and James Hardie Group are also working with Kobots.

This Seedrs crowdfunding round kicks off on Oct. 11, 2021, and you can reach it here or you can register for a private investment that opens on Sept. 29, here.



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