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Allegro DVT en Beamr kondigen ‘s werelds eerste content-adaptieve silicium IP-video-encoder aan

De geïntegreerde oplossing, die Beamr’s CABR silicium IP combineert met Allegro’s marktleidende video-encoder IP, verlaagt AV1-bitrates tot 40% zonder kwaliteitsverlies

GRENOBLE, Frankrijk & TEL AVIV, Israël–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Allegro DVT, de toonaangevende leverancier van silicium-IP’s voor videoverwerking, en Beamr, de toonaangevende ontwikkelaar van content-adaptieve videocodering technologieën, hebben vandaag een geïntegreerde oplossing aangekondigd die Beamr’s CABR-silicium combineert IP met Allegro’s videocodering IP om ‘s werelds eerste content-adaptieve silicium IP-encoder te creëren. Met behulp van de geïntegreerde oplossing kunnen ASIC-leveranciers nu hoogwaardige videocodering chips met lage latentie maken die de videobitsnelheid aanzienlijk verlagen zonder afbreuk te doen aan de kwaliteit.

Allegro DVT and Beamr Announce the World’s First Content-Adaptive Silicon IP Video Encoder

The integrated solution, which combines Beamr’s CABR silicon IP with Allegro’s market-leading video encoder IP, cuts AV1 bitrates by up to 40% with no quality loss

GRENOBLE, France & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Allegro DVT, the leading provider of video processing silicon IPs, and Beamr, the leading developer of content-adaptive video encoding technologies, today announced an integrated solution that combines Beamr’s CABR silicon IP with Allegro’s video encoding IP to create the world’s first content-adaptive silicon IP encoder. Using the integrated solution, ASIC vendors can now create high-performance, low latency video encoding chips that significantly reduce video bitrate without compromising quality.

(Photo: Allegro DVT)

(Photo: Allegro DVT)

Allegro DVT’s E2xx family of silicon proven IPs is a highly optimized video encoding solution targeted at ASIC implementations in a wide range of process node technologies down to 3nm. It provides support for mainstream image and video formats including JPEG, H.264, HEVC, VP9 and AV1, at up to 8K resolutions.

Beamr’s patented, Emmy® award-winning CABR engine enables reducing the bitrate of video streams encoded by any standard video encoder, including the latest AV1 codec, by up to 50% without compromising perceptual quality. The reduced-bitrate streams remain fully standards-compliant, and can be decoded by any standard video decoder.

“For the past decade, Beamr’s CABR software solutions have enabled optimized video compression for our customers, resulting in an improved viewing experience, reduced network congestion, and lower TCO”, said Sharon Carmel, Founder & CEO of Beamr. “When developing our silicon IP implementation, we’ve found Allegro’s video encoders to be the perfect partner for integration, due to their superior video quality, high performance, and support for the latest video codecs. By integrating our CABR Silicon IP library with Allegro’s video encoders, we are now bringing the optimization benefits to ASIC providers, who can utilize them in all video applications from video surveillance and IoT to 8K live broadcasting, low latency cloud gaming and more.”

Nouar Hamze, Allegro DVT’s CEO commented: “The dramatic increase of video usage is forcing the industry to consider HW based video encoding solutions to control implementation complexity and cost. The integrated Allegro DVT E2xx/Beamr CABR solution provides our common customer base with the most advanced ASIC-ready option to further improve video compression efficiency. The combined solution is immediately available for evaluation through a bit-accurate software simulation model.”

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