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Latest Report From Arthur D. Little Brings New Perspectives on Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Arthur D. Little (ADL) today released a new report on the current state of the global Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) market. Entitled ‘How To Realize The Promise Of Mobility-as-a-Service’, this study is released by the company’s Future Of Mobility Lab.

While much has been written over the past few years about MaaS and its vision of revolutionizing transport in the modern city, much of the current discourse has been either academic or conceptual, envisaging ambitious futures built on fragile foundations. With this study, ADL aims to offer a more objective view of the subject, based on the company’s wide-ranging consultation with both public and private actors, and its assessment of the successes and failures of real world MaaS deployments.

The study identifies five key factors for achieving a successful MaaS deployment. These are:

  • Recognizing that MaaS is more than just an app, but should be part of a broader mobility vision requiring the development of integrated mobility policies, physical solutions and infrastructure
  • Enabling the correct MaaS market model, because successful deployment requires the right mix of framing and enabling measures and one single MaaS offering is unlikely to meet the needs of an entire city or region
  • Adopting a genuine need and experience-based approach to ensure the relevant customer segments are being addressed and that the right value propositions are defined to boost adoption and positively influence behaviors
  • Developing an appropriate sourcing and partnering strategy, ensuring that the technical MaaS solution will meet requirements, both now and in the future
  • Proactively managing and building trusted relationships with all relevant stakeholders to create and nurture a virtuous ecosystem

In addition, the report also identifies six additional requirements to move “beyond MaaS” towards sustainable, resilient, and human-centric mobility systems, and develop what ADL terms a Unified Mobility Management Model.

François-Joseph Van Audenhove, one of the lead author of the report and Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little’s Travel & Transportation practice, comments: “The vision of MaaS, where citizens to transition away from the sole ownership of individual cars in favor of tailored mobility services accessed via an integrated service platform, has been around for nearly a decade – yet progress towards achieving this goal has been frustratingly slow. Yet as the world cries out for more sustainable, resilient and human-centric models of urban living, we believe that MaaS should be considered by public authorities over the next few years as an important part of the solution. With this study, Arthur D. Little aims to clearly set out why MaaS shouldn’t just remain on the drawing board, but should instead become a reality in the coming years.”

The study is available for download here https://www.adlittle.com/en/insights/report/how-realize-promise-mobility-service


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