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EMGA adviseert mijlpaal US $ 300 miljoen schuldverhoging voor BTG Pactual met DFC

LONDEN-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Emerging Markets Global Advisory Limited (EMGA), de niche-investeringsbank die zich richt op opkomende markten, kondigt vandaag een baanbrekende Senior Debt kapitaalverhoging transactie aan die BTG Pactual in staat zal stellen haar kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen (MKB) activiteiten in Brazilië uit te breiden.

De schuldfaciliteit van US$300 miljoen werd verstrekt door DFC en de transactie is de grootste Senior Debt facility ooit geadviseerd door EMGA en volgt op een transactie van US$140 miljoen die vorig jaar werd afgerond met DEG en Proparco, twee Europese ontwikkelingsinstellingen.

De operatie komt op een moment dat banken over de hele wereld nieuwe grensoverschrijdende financieringsmogelijkheden onderzoeken om hun steun aan door de COVID-19-pandemie getroffen bedrijven verder te kunnen verlenen.

EMGA Advises Landmark US$300M Debt Raise for BTG Pactual With DFC

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Emerging Markets Global Advisory Limited (EMGA), the niche investment bank focused on emerging markets, announces today a landmark Senior Debt capital raise transaction that will allow BTG Pactual to expand its small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) activities in Brazil.

The US$300 million debt facility was provided by DFC and the transaction is the largest Senior Debt facility ever advised by EMGA and follows on from a US$140 million transaction completed last year with DEG and Proparco, two European development institutions.

The operation comes at a time when banks world-wide are exploring new cross-border funding options to further deliver on their support to businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the transaction, BTG Pactual’s Caio Zanette said, “BTG Pactual is very pleased with the support of EMGA on pursuing this landmark transaction that will benefit our SME activities in Brazil. We continue to develop all our activities and the funding provided by DFC will help boost the initiative while generating strong positive impact in the community by supporting the 2X Challenge and focusing on economically disadvantaged regions”.

Sajeev Chakkalakal, Managing Director of Investment Banking at EMGA, said: “It was a pleasure to help BTG’s team again by advising this landmark facility aimed at funding BTG’s small and medium enterprise loan portfolio across Brazil. DFC is a long-term partner of EMGA and its position as a pre-eminent development finance institution also offers a new strategic funding source for BTG.” Jeremy Dobson, Managing Director of EMGA, added: “It’s been a pleasure to work with all parties on this transaction”

DFC’s investment, the agency’s largest loan in Latin America, will support lending to SMEs, with a focus on reaching the economically disadvantaged North and Northeast regions and women-owned and women-led businesses in Brazil. Algene Sajery, DFC’s Vice President of the Office of External Affairs and Head of Global Gender Equity Initiatives, said, “We are proud to partner with BTG Pactual through this transaction to unlock the full economic potential of women and help address rural development gaps and income inequality in Brazil.”

BTG Pactual: BTG is the largest investment bank in Latin America, the 6th largest bank in Brazil by shareholders equity and a key player in providing loans and guarantees to a broad set of clients, from SMEs to large corporations. BTG is a pioneer in promoting climate finance in Brazil and plays a pivotal role in channeling resources towards projects with a positive impact in the community.

DFC: U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is America’s development bank. DFC partners with the private sector to provide financing solutions that aim to address the problems facing the developing world.

Emerging Markets Global Advisory Limited, based in London, helps financial institutions and corporations seeking debt/equity capital. EMGA’s team combines the decades of experience needed to complete transactions in emerging countries. EMGA continues expanding, solidifying its place as a niche investment bank focused on emerging markets.


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