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Cloud Conventions lanceert Virtual Event Network-oplossing voor Enterprise Business

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Cloud Conventions heeft vandaag een enterprise virtual event management-oplossing aangekondigd voor Fortune 1000-bedrijven die het hele jaar door zowel interne als klantgerichte evenementen moeten beheren. Cloud Conventions Enterprise Event Network™ is een SaaS-platform dat meerdere virtuele of hybride evenementen beheert en levert met mogelijkheden en betrokkenheidsfuncties die verder gaan dan een eenvoudig webinar of streaming-evenement. Cloud Conventions Enterprise onboardt en beheert deelnemers, controleert sessies en inhoud, biedt betrokkenheidstools en analyseert alle interacties van deelnemers. Het platform kan op bedrijfsniveau worden beheerd om gestandaardiseerde evenementenprogrammering te ondersteunen en inhoudsbibliotheken en zakelijke bronnen te onderhouden. Het kan worden aangesloten op andere interne of externe systemen voor onboarding van deelnemers en gegevensuitwisseling.

“Cloud Conventions Enterprise groeide uit de behoefte van grote internationale bedrijven om hun verkoop-, marketing- en technische evenementen te controleren en te beheren op een enkel virtueel evenementenplatform of op een reeks platforms die zijn aangesloten op een evenementennetwerk”, zegt Carolyn Bradfield, CEO van Cloud-conventies. “Cloud Conventions Enterprise is uniek omdat het eenvoudig kan worden geïntegreerd met andere bedrijfsplatforms die contactpersonen, digitale inhoudsmiddelen of leerbeheerbronnen bevatten, waarbij een tweerichtingsgegevensstroom van inhoud en video’s wordt beheerd en de betrokkenheid van deelnemers wordt bewaakt en gerapporteerd.”

Cloud Conventions Launches Virtual Event Network Solution for Enterprise Business

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Cloud Conventions today announced an enterprise virtual event management solution for Fortune 1000 businesses that need to manage both internal and customer facing events on a year-round basis. Cloud Conventions Enterprise Event Network™ is a SaaS platform that manages and delivers multiple virtual or hybrid events with capabilities and engagement features beyond a simple webinar or streaming event. Cloud Conventions Enterprise onboards and manages attendees, controls sessions and content, provides engagement tools and analyzes all attendee interactions. The platform can be administered at a corporate level to support standardized event programming and maintain content libraries and business resources. It can be connected to other internal or external systems for onboarding attendees and data exchange.

“Cloud Conventions Enterprise grew out of requirements from large global businesses to needed to control and manage their sales, marketing and technical events on a single virtual event platform or on a series of platforms connected into an event network,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Cloud Conventions. “Cloud Conventions Enterprise is unique in that it integrates easily with other enterprise platforms that hold contact, digital content assets or learning management resources, managing a two-way dataflow of content and videos while monitoring and reporting on attendee engagement.”

Cloud Conventions Enterprise is designed for organizations that need a solution for multiple events versus a single tradeshow or conference. The Cloud Conventions member API connects to internal systems to seamlessly add data records of staff or customer attendees and offers single sign-on from an enterprise application. The platform can be connected to marketing cloud solutions, digital content libraries, learning management systems or data analysis engines to deliver assets and receive transactional data from attendance at a virtual or hybrid event or conference. Groups using Zoom or BlueJeans by Verizon can connect their video accounts for use on the platform or can use other video solutions such as Teams, WebEx, GlobalMeet or GoToMeeting.

“As a result of the virtualization of the workforce accelerated during the Pandemic, Cloud Conventions Enterprise is built to satisfy a growing need for virtual event options within an enterprise corporate environment,” added Bradfield. “Company meetings, internal or external trade events, user conferences, sales kickoffs, and even investor relations events or live virtual press conferences are all more streamlined with this platform. Using our proprietary Hub & Spoke™ capability, corporations can create a network of event platforms segmented by business unit or geography while still controlling access and brand identity from a centralized and monitored platform.”

About Cloud Conventions

Cloud Conventions from Convey Services is Cloud Conventions is an enterprise virtual/hybrid event management platform that redefines the exhibitor and attendee experience to allow companies to provide easy access to in-depth product information, showcase their brands with graphics and videos, create calls to action and generate immediate sales leads. Used around the world for large managed events and smaller self-directed meetings, conferences and corporate kickoffs, Cloud Conventions automates exhibitors and virtual booths, continuing education, speaker sessions and reminders, invitations and email communication, while at the same time producing detailed analytics on attendee, session and exhibitor activity.

Cloud Conventions supports multiple languages and currencies, internal, external and single-sign on registration, and supports all conferencing carriers and platforms. Trade Associations and event managers can explore all of the Cloud Conventions solutions by visiting https://cloudconventions.com or contacting info@cloudconventions.com or call 888-975-1382.

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