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Neat ontvangt extra investering van $ 30 miljoen van Zoom om voortdurende innovatie op het gebied van videosamenwerking voor de hybride werkplek te stimuleren

OSLO, Noorwegen–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Neat, het baanbrekende bedrijf op het gebied van videoapparatuur, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat Zoom Video Communications, Inc een extra investering van $30 miljoen in Neat heeft gedaan, wat de gezamenlijke inzet van de bedrijven weerspiegelt om innovatieve technologieën te leveren die zorgen voor een uitzonderlijke ervaring met videocommunicatie. Met deze investering heeft Neat een totale waardering van $ 640 miljoen.

Dit is de derde investering van Zoom in Neat tot nu toe, waarmee de totale investering op $ 41 miljoen komt, en de nauwe samenwerking tussen de bedrijven wordt uitgebreid om innovatie te stimuleren en Zoom-gebruikers een optimale Zoom-ervaring te bieden in vergader- en samenwerkingsruimten. Neat en Zoom blijven nauw samenwerken aan nieuwe functies en ervaringen die de beweging naar een nieuwe manier van werken ondersteunen met gedistribueerde en co-located hybride teams, gericht op het verbeteren van welzijn, sociale interactie en teamcreativiteit.

Neat Receives Additional $30 Million Investment from Zoom to Drive Continued Video Collaboration Innovation for the Hybrid Workplace

OSLO, Norway–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Neat, the pioneering video device company, today announced that Zoom Video Communications, Inc has made an additional investment in Neat of $30 million, reflecting the companies’ shared commitment to deliver innovative technologies that ensure an exceptional video communication experience. With this investment, Neat has a total valuation of $640 million.

This marks Zoom’s third investment in Neat to date, bringing the total investment to $41 million, and extends the companies’ close collaboration aimed at driving innovation and giving Zoom users an optimal Zoom experience across meeting and collaboration spaces. Neat and Zoom continue to work closely together on new features and experiences that support the movement to a new way of working with distributed and co-located hybrid teams, focused on improving well-being, social interaction and team creativity.

“Zoom and Neat have worked closely together to provide customers with an incredible Zoom meeting experience, and this additional investment reflects our belief that Neat’s devices are an outstanding complement to Zoom’s communications platform,” said Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer at Zoom. “We have enjoyed tremendous success with Neat to date, and look forward to continuing to jointly drive innovation and deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.”

“Since Neat’s launch in 2019, we’ve shared an amazing journey helping customers enjoy delightful experiences across meeting spaces – even as the definition of the meeting space has evolved,” said Simen Teigre, CEO of Neat. “We look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver unique technology and advanced capabilities that provide customers with rich and meaningful collaboration experiences throughout the hybrid workplace.”

Launched at Zoomtopia in October 2019, Neat is continuously pushing boundaries to enable unique, rich and equitable meeting and educational experiences that allow users to feel and be at their best. With a full range of devices for meeting spaces of all kinds, Neat delivers unique features to support a safer, more enhanced and engaging hybrid working and learning environment.

About Neat

Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices that make virtual meetings feel almost as real as meeting face-to-face. Seamlessly bringing rich and meaningful experiences to people’s work, interactions and lives across any meeting space, Neat devices have crystal-clear audio and video, plus advanced capabilities that support an enhanced, engaging and safer hybrid working and learning environment. Neat was founded in Oslo, Norway, by a team of creative mavericks that, for decades, have shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world’s most recognized video communications brands. For more information about Neat, visit neat.no.


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