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HealthEconomics.Com publiceert 2021 Insight Survey over evidence-based gezondheidszorg

Bevindingen suggereren dat er veel vraag is naar communicatietools met farmaceutische waarde en dat er meer leveranciers van oplossingen nodig zijn

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– HealthEconomics.Com, ‘s werelds grootste digitale Connected Community™ voor gezondheidseconomie en uitkomstenonderzoek (HEOR), real world evidence (RWE) en markttoegangsdiensten, heeft vandaag de bevindingen bekendgemaakt van haar Insight Survey 2021 over Waardecommunicatie in de farmaceutische industrie HEOR, RWE & markttoegang. Waardecommunicatie is een van de snelst groeiende – maar minst goed bestudeerde – gebieden in evidence-based gezondheidszorg.

Dit rapport, dat is gebaseerd op het meest uitgebreide onderzoek naar waardecommunicatie in de biowetenschappen tot nu toe, presenteert resultaten van meer dan 200 professionals om een ​​beter inzicht te krijgen in de houding ten opzichte van communicatiemiddelen die worden gebruikt om bewijs en waarde van geneesmiddelen over te brengen. Specifieke gebieden die in dit onderzoek door HealthEconomics.Com aan de orde komen, omvatten uitdagingen met de ontwikkeling van waardecommunicatietools, gebruiksmogelijkheden, bewijsdemonstratie, trainingsbehoeften, leverancierswerving en inhoudseisen door de patiënt, betaler en leverancier.

HealthEconomics.Com Releases 2021 Insight Survey on Evidence-Based Healthcare

Findings suggest pharma value communication tools in high demand with more solution vendors needed

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– HealthEconomics.Com, the world’s largest digital Connected Community™ for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), real world evidence (RWE) and market access services, today announced the findings of its 2021 Insight Survey on Value Communication in Pharma HEOR, RWE & Market Access. Value communications is one of the fastest growing – yet least well studied – areas in evidence-based healthcare.

This report, based on the most extensive survey of value communications in the life sciences to date, presents results from more than 200 professionals to better understand attitudes toward communication tools used to convey evidence and value of pharmaceuticals. Specific areas addressed in this survey fielded by HealthEconomics.Com include challenges with value communication tool development, opportunities for use, evidence demonstration, training needs, vendor sourcing and content demands by the patient, payer and provider.

“We believe our 2021 Insight Survey offers highly actionable insights for pharmaceutical manufacturers, solution providers, payers, patient groups and educational partners as we seek to develop tools that effectively communicate the evidence that demonstrates pharmaceutical value,” said Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD, President and Founder of HealthEconomics.Com. “One of the most interesting findings from our survey is the need for more solution providers who are skilled in robust yet visually compelling ways to present pharmaceutical value for various types of customers. At Scientist.com, the parent company of HealthEconomics.Com, we are seeing an upsurge in the number and types of value communications projects sourced through our enterprise two-sided marketplaces, demonstrating this increased demand from the industry.”

Unique to this report is a comparison of 2021 results with responses from a 2019 survey, as well as the presentation of findings from four key populations engaged in pharmaceutical value: value evidence developers, translators, communicators and recipients (e.g., payers and/or providers).

To learn more about the HealthEconomics.Com 2021 Value Communications Insight Survey and access the white paper, visit https://www.healtheconomics.com/value-communication-in-pharma-what-medical-communications-professionals-need-to-know

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