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LINKS Analytics BV Announces Launch of ClearD3™ Data-Driven Pricing Platform Enabling B2B Companies to Optimise Pricing and Capacity Processes

DEN HAAG, Nederland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LINKS Analytics BV heeft vandaag de lancering aangekondigd van haar nieuwe datagestuurde prijsplatform, ClearD3™, waarmee bedrijven van elke omvang hun prijs- en capaciteitsprocessen kunnen optimaliseren zonder de verlammende last van investeringen vooraf . Het ClearD3™-platform vertaalt economische en zakelijke gegevens van externe toeleveringsketens in meetbaar betere marges en inkomsten* en zet daarmee een nieuwe gouden standaard in datagestuurde besluitvorming.

“In het komende decennium zal de besluitvorming in bedrijven een grote transitie ondergaan naar datagestuurd, op regels gebaseerd beheer”, zegt Taron Ganjalyan, oprichter en algemeen directeur van LINKS Analytics. “Extra brutomarges van 5-10% voor datagedreven bedrijven in vergelijking met de concurrentie zullen de norm zijn in de B2B-markt. Marges zullen de komende 30 jaar geleidelijk worden weggeconcurreerd en datagedreven beslissingen worden een minimumvereiste om te overleven.”

LINKS Analytics BV Announces Launch of ClearD3™ Data-Driven Pricing Platform Enabling B2B Companies to Optimise Pricing and Capacity Processes

THE HAGUE, Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LINKS Analytics BV today announced the launch of its new Data-Driven Pricing Platform, ClearD3™, that will enable companies of all sizes to optimise their Pricing and Capacity Processes without the crippling burden of upfront investments. The ClearD3™ platform translates external supply chain economic and business data into measurably better margins and revenues* setting a new gold standard in data-driven decision making.

“In the coming decade the decision making in companies will undergo a major transition towards data-driven rules-based management,” said Taron Ganjalyan, founder and managing director, LINKS Analytics. “Extra gross margins of 5-10% for data-driven companies compared to the competition will be the norm in the B2B market. Margins will be gradually competed away during the coming 30 years and data-driven decisions will become a minimum requirement to survive.”

ClearD3™ is an AI machine-learning application assisted by an Agent-Based Model of today’s global supply chains. The platform comprises seventy industries in forty countries and gives a coverage of about 92% of the global economy. It enables companies to navigate their changing pricing environment and to make their pricing and capacity decisions based on accurate analyses of the latest market conditions.

ClearD3™ has been validated* by major financial institutions (professional teams with Assets Under Management over €100 billion) using the system based on rigorous and objective requirements:

– Beating human analysts

– Beating best available statistical methods

– Generating superior performance on the basis of high-probability forecasts

Founded in 2009, LINKS Analytics’ innovative data-driven solutions help clients to navigate the unprecedented global risk environment within their specific markets. Their production office houses business analysts, data scientists and software engineers, and has a leading position in applying Agent-Based Modelling to the most advanced commercial and financial markets.

* Results and references are available for press and media interested in learning more about ClearD3™.


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