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Innovatie en evolutie: een nieuw myo-elektrisch systeem voor de bovenste ledematen van Steeper

LEEDS, Engeland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In hun honderdjarig bestaan lanceert Steeper Group, een wereldleidende fabrikant van prothetische apparaten, hun nieuwste myo-elektrische systeem. De constructie van de volledige ledematen is ontworpen om patiënten en clinici over de hele wereld een duurzaam systeem voor de bovenste ledematen met hoge capaciteit te bieden tegen een betaalbare prijs, waarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van de kracht van populaire myo-elektrische technologie.

Het steilere myo-elektrische systeem is ontworpen voor het dagelijks leven en omvat de nieuwe Myo Kinisi-hand die een gemakkelijk te controleren, snelle greep biedt naast een sterke grijpkracht om activiteiten van het dagelijks leven met gemak uit te voeren, met het extra voordeel van een Auto-Grip functie die gebruikers een veiligere grip geeft op moeilijk vast te houden voorwerpen. De hand wordt aangevuld met geavanceerde myo-elektroden voor meer nauwkeurigheid en versterkingscontrole, en wordt aangedreven door het geheel nieuwe S-Charge-systeem met hoge capaciteit dat een interne batterij van 3500 mAh heeft, waardoor het een van de krachtigste is die beschikbaar is. De prothese wordt afgewerkt met de cosmetische handschoen ‘Elegance Plus’, speciaal ontworpen als aanvulling op de Myo Kinisi.

Innovation and Evolution: A New Myoelectric Upper Limb System by Steeper

LEEDS, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In their centenary year Steeper Group, a world leading manufacturer of prosthetic devices, launch their latest myoelectric system. The full limb build is designed to offer patients and clinicians across the globe a durable, high-capacity upper limb system at an affordable cost, which harnesses the power of popular myoelectric technology.

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The Steeper Upper Limb Myoelectric System offers a secure grip via the Myo Kinisi hand, an enhanced cosmetic appearance and is powered by one of the most powerful battery systems on the market. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Steeper Upper Limb Myoelectric System offers a secure grip via the Myo Kinisi hand, an enhanced cosmetic appearance and is powered by one of the most powerful battery systems on the market. (Photo: Business Wire)

Designed for the everyday, the Steeper Myoelectric System includes the new Myo Kinisi hand which provides an easy to control, high-speed grasp alongside a strong grip force to carry out activities of daily living with ease, with the added benefit of an Auto-Grip function allowing users a more secure grip on difficult to hold objects. The hand is complemented by advanced myoelectrodes for increased accuracy and gain control, and is powered by the all new high-capacity S-Charge System which features a 3500mAh internal battery, making it one of the most powerful available. The prosthesis is finished by the ‘Elegance Plus’ cosmetic glove, designed specifically to complement the Myo Kinisi.

Paul Steeper, CEO of Steeper Group and SteeperUSA commented “a new myoelectric system is something our customers have desired for some time. We’ve used our innovative knowledge of upper limb prostheses to deliver an evolution to a myoelectric system; using the latest advancements in product design, super capacitor technology and modern materials such as titanium for increased strength.”

Patients will enjoy the enhanced cosmesis given by the Elegance Plus silicone glove which has been designed to work in harmony with the Myo Kinisi. An internal reinforced mesh layer increases durability for even high activity users, and improved realism to the skin appearance is achieved with enhancement on the knuckles, joints and nail finish; the Elegance Plus Glove is available in 19 TrueFinishTM shades.

Clinicians can program the Myo Kinisi to meet exacting patient preferences with a choice of five modes and fine adjustments to control parameters can be made via the Steeper Configuration Device, a simple three button operation programming hub with an easy-to-read screen.

Paul Steeper concluded “the Steeper Myoelectric System will offer both clinicians and users a greater choice of durable, reliable and easy to use devices. The Myo Kinisi offers superb grip strength via trusted technology and the Elegance Plus Glove is sure appeal to a wide range of users with its enhanced finish and skin-like texture; couple that with our very latest myoelectrodes and increased capacity S-Charge battery system and users will instantly benefit from these innovations. Patient trials have proved successful with users commenting on the increased control the Myo Kinisi offers whilst using a control strategy they are already familiar with; meaning the hand is easily and readily usable.”


Notes to editors:

Steeper Group trade as SteeperUSA within the United States and Canada.

For more information on the Steeper Myoelectric System or any of our upper limb prosthetic products, please visit www.steepergroup.com or www.steeperusa.com.

Image caption: The Steeper Upper Limb Build offers a secure grip, an enhanced cosmetic appearance and is powered by one of the most powerful battery systems on the market.


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