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NASDAQ feliciteert Portfolio Insider: een van de snelst groeiende fintechs in de VS

Portfolio Insider maakt gebruik van nieuwe taalmodellen voor deep learning AI.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NASDAQ feliciteerde Portfolio Insider met het elektronische LED-videodisplay van de iconische MarketSite-toren op Times Square als een van de snelstgroeiende Fintech-bedrijven in Amerika. Het hypergroeiende bedrijf voor financiële analyse heeft de toegang tot waardevolle financiële gegevens gedemocratiseerd en biedt bijna iedereen hetzelfde niveau van investeringsinzichten als instellingen en hedgefondsen.

Recordgroei dit jaar.

De pandemie veroorzaakte een stroom van nieuwe particuliere beleggers op de aandelenmarkt, die volgens de Federal Reserve bijna 34% van de Amerikaanse aandelen uitmaakten. Het zorgde voor een ongekende vraag naar financiële inzichten. Portfolio Insider groeide in de eerste helft van dit jaar met meer dan 300% en nam meer dan 70 nieuwe medewerkers aan om Blockchain Analytics en machine learning-modellen voor financiële gegevens uit te bouwen. Senior analist Christopher Koo zei: “Nauwkeurige gegevens ondersteunen een goede besluitvorming, en we zien vrijwel geen limiet aan de hoeveelheid vraag naar krachtigere algoritmen en tools om het speelveld te egaliseren.”

NASDAQ Congratulates Portfolio Insider: Among The Fastest Growing Fintechs In The U.S.

Portfolio Insider leverages new language models for deep learning AI.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NASDAQ congratulated Portfolio Insider on the iconic MarketSite tower’s LED electronic video display in Times Square as among the fastest-growing Fintech companies in America. The hyper growing financial analytics company has democratized access to valuable financial data, delivering nearly anyone the same level of investing insights enjoyed by institutions and hedge funds.

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On Thursday, August 11, 2021, NASDAQ's Times Square New York City LED screen displayed a congratulatory message to artificial intelligence-powered financial insights platform Portfolio Insider. (Photo: Business Wire)

On Thursday, August 11, 2021, NASDAQ’s Times Square New York City LED screen displayed a congratulatory message to artificial intelligence-powered financial insights platform Portfolio Insider. (Photo: Business Wire)

Record Growth This Year.

The pandemic spurred a flood of new retail investors into the stock market, making up nearly 34% of U.S. stocks according to the Federal Reserve. It created an unprecedented level of demand for financial insights. Portfolio Insider grew revenue by over 300% in only the first half of this year, hiring over 70 new staff to build out Blockchain Analytics and machine learning models for financial data. Senior analyst Christopher Koo said, “Accurate data underpins sound decision-making, and we see virtually no limit to the amount of demand for more powerful algorithms and tools to level the playing field.”

AI Technology To “Make Investing Human.”

Computer programmers used to strenuously translate their intentions into the language of machines. Now, leveraging the world’s largest autoregressive language model, those machines are conversant with the language of humans. Portfolio Insider believes they can “make investing more human” by developing on one of the most powerful neural networks ever created. By applying artificial intelligence to areas like unstructured data in financial reports, heuristic search, and a human intuitive SQL-like query for fundamental financial data, it enables anyone to build their own Bloomberg terminal for free. Portfolio Insider Chief AI Officer Noah Mitsuhashi said, “Technology has reached the evolutionary speed where intense tasks just years or months ago are now trivial and basic. Technology is growing exponentially, shaping a future where technology becomes virtually indistinguishable from magic. We contribute to human progress by enabling a fair playing field for retail investors.”

About The Company.

Portfolio Insider is a fintech analytics company powering the open finance revolution. They contribute to the Fintech landscape by democratizing access to the world’s most valuable financial data and bring transparency to capital markets. Reaching millions of people each month, they provide on-chain market intelligence and real-time data services for institutional and retail stakeholders.


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