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myPOS biedt kmo’s een gratis online winkel om de verkoop in onzekere tijden te stimuleren

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Bedrijfseigenaren kunnen nu moeiteloos hun online winkel lanceren en alleen betalen wanneer ze iets verkopen, dankzij de bekroonde fintech myPOS. De nieuwe service, myPOS Online genaamd, biedt een complete set functies, waaronder vooraf ontworpen winkelsjablonen, hosting, maatwerk, voorraadtracering, veilig afrekenen, verzendopties, ophalen in de winkel en zelfs tools zoals het voorbereiden van cadeaubonnen.

“De pandemie heeft de wereldwijde e-commerce een boost gegeven, en er is geen reden waarom micro- en kleine bedrijven niet kunnen inspelen op deze trend”, zegt Stefan Stankov, Chief Commercial Officer van myPOS. “Met myPOS Online kunt u profiteren van de groei zonder de last van investeringen vooraf. Dus zelfs als je moeite hebt met je herstel na de pandemie, kunnen we je helpen.”

myPOS Online wordt aangeboden op een freemium-model waarbij handelaren een kleine transactievergoeding betalen zodra ze een verkoop hebben voltooid. Net als andere myPOS-services stelt het nieuwe aanbod kmo’s in staat om geld direct en zonder extra kosten af ​​te wikkelen. Bovendien krijgen bedrijfseigenaren een gratis Visa-kaart en een gratis verkopersaccount in 14 valuta’s.

myPOS Offers SMEs a Free Online Store to Propel Sales in Uncertain Times

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Business owners can now launch their online store effortlessly and only pay when they make a sale, thanks to award-winning fintech myPOS. The new service – called myPOS Online – offers a complete set of features, including pre-designed store templates, hosting, customization, inventory tracking, secure checkout, shipping options, in-store pick up and even tools such as gift-card preparation.

“The pandemic helped supercharge global e-commerce, and there’s no reason why micro- and small-sized businesses can’t tap into this trend,” said Stefan Stankov, Chief Commercial Officer of myPOS. “With myPOS Online, you can get in on the growth without the burden of upfront investments. So even if you are struggling on your post-pandemic recovery journey, we can help.”

myPOS Online is offered on a freemium model where merchants pay a small transaction fee once they complete a sale. Like other myPOS services, the new offering enables SMEs to settle funds instantly at no extra charge. Plus, business owners get a free Visa card and a free merchant account in 14 currencies.

Small business owners who usually don’t have the resources to develop online stores can now do so as myPOS Online has taken care of the details and requirements. No design or coding skills are needed. In a few intuitive steps, merchants pick a store and domain name, a look that suits their brand and goods they want to sell online. The setup and management can also be made on the go through the myPOS app.

myPOS Online also empowers merchants with flexible delivery and payment options, tracking of order and direct contact with the buyers.

myPOS Online integrates smoothly with the myPOS ecosystem, keeping sales and payments fully synced on all channels. Merchants have a chance not only to expand their brick-and-mortar business to avoid retail disruption, but to unleash their full business potential and efficiency. With myPOS, they can use specially developed automation tools to manage inventory, payments and other sales-related processes through one cohesive ecosystem, getting everything from just one provider.

To learn more about myPOS Online, visit mypos.com/online-shop

About myPOS

myPOS is an innovative fintech company serving small and medium-sized business clients across the European Economic Area and Switzerland. It provides easy and convenient in-store, online and on-the-go payment solutions for over 150,000 businesses in over 30 European countries.


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