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Versnelde innovatiebeslissingen: TechInsights neemt VLSI Research over

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TechInsights Inc. is verheugd de overname aan te kondigen van VLSI Research Inc., de bekroonde leverancier van markt- en economische analyses voor de toeleveringsketen van halfgeleiders. Samen zullen TechInsights en VLSI een verenigd platform van de meest waardevolle halfgeleider gerelateerde inhoud bieden om ‘s werelds meest innovatieve bedrijven te informeren. Naast het verkrijgen van inzichten en informatie en het opvullen van informatiehiaten om problemen van vandaag op te lossen, zal het uniforme platform trends identificeren om te voorspellen hoe de toekomst van technologie zich zal ontvouwen.

In een steeds meer verbonden wereld, en met aanjagers van de halfgeleider markt zoals de automobielsector, machine learning en 5G, leidt de explosieve vraag naar halfgeleiders tot een groeiende adresseerbare markt die smacht naar intelligentie in de vorm van reverse engineering-gegevens en geïnformeerde analyse. De strategische trendsanalyse van VLSI Research vormt een aanvulling op de technische inhoud van TechInsights en zal worden opgenomen in het gezaghebbende informatieplatform van TechInsights om ongekende inzichten in halfgeleiders en micro-elektronica te bieden.

Innovation Decisions Accelerated: TechInsights Acquires VLSI Research

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TechInsights Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of VLSI Research Inc., the award-winning provider of market and economic analysis covering the semiconductor supply chain. Together, TechInsights and VLSI will provide a unified platform of the most valuable semiconductor-related content to inform the world’s most innovative companies. In addition to extracting insights and intelligence and filling information gaps to solve problems today, the unified platform will identify trends to predict how the future of technology will unfold.

In an increasingly connected world, and with semiconductor market drivers like automotive, machine learning and 5G, the explosive demand for semiconductors is leading to a growing addressable market which has a thirst for intelligence in the form of reverse engineering data and informed analysis. VLSI Research’s strategic trends analysis complements TechInsights’ technical content and will be incorporated into TechInsights authoritative information platform to bring unprecedented insights into semiconductors and microelectronics.

“We have long been regarded as the world leader in semiconductor reverse engineering. Our trusted platform is the source of the broadest and deepest range of semiconductor research.” said Gavin Carter, CEO of TechInsights. “We have been on the hunt for a partner that can complement our content with the ability to reverse engineer the future. We found the perfect partner in VLSI Research. I am delighted to welcome an industry guru in Dan and his team to TechInsights.

Founded in 1976, VLSI is led by visionary CEO and Chairman Dan Hutcheson, who for over 40 years has had the opportunity to engage semiconductor legends Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce and Jerry Sanders among others. Hutcheson and his VLSI colleagues leveraged this unique access and insight to empower executives with strategic and tactical marketing value.

“When I first learned TechInsights wanted to bring us together,” said G. Dan Hutcheson, Chairman and CEO of VLSI Research, “it was clear there was a unique opportunity to connect market and technical analysis on high-volume and emerging applications of technology in ways that has never been done before. Merging both into a single platform would offer the industry a powerful new way to view the past, present and future of the semiconductor sector. It would give clients the competitive advantage in their ability to make better decisions faster.”


TechInsights is the authoritative information platform serving the semiconductor and related markets. Leveraging a unique reverse engineering competency we reveal innovations in technology products, providing advanced technical analysis to organizations to help them make fact-based technology and intellectual property decisions. Over the course of thirty years, we have developed the world’s largest technical analysis database and extensive expertise in multiple technical industries and disciplines. We exist to support a fair marketplace where electronics and intellectual property can be innovated and monetized. Our customers include the world’s largest consumer electronics and semiconductor companies, law firms, government agencies, and technology startups. Technology and intellectual property professionals subscribe to our insights to support product innovation, benchmark products against competitors, de-risk go-to-market strategies, build stronger product roadmaps, monetize, and defend innovations, and win more competitive bids.


VLSI Research’s unique combination of deep semiconductor industry contacts, data analytics, with databases and information libraries that reach back seven decades, combined with its locations in the world’s technology hot spots, make it perfectly suited for the development of the world’s most distinguished semiconductor market research. VLSI’s information is selectively crafted by the world’s most renowned semiconductor market research analysts who have over a century of combined experience. VLSI’s contributions are industry recognized by being the only market research firm to have received SEMI’s Sales and Marketing Excellence Awards. It was founded by Dan’s research physicist father Jerry Hutcheson and mother, Lynda.

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