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Conversational AI-leider Senseforth.ai haalt $ 14 miljoen op van Fractal

PALO ALTO, Californië–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Conversational AI-leider Senseforth.ai heeft vandaag een investering van $ 14 miljoen aangekondigd van Fractal (fractal.ai), een wereldwijde leverancier van kunstmatige intelligentie- en analyseoplossingen aan Fortune 500®-bedrijven. Deze investering zal Senseforth.ai helpen bij het opschalen en uitbreiden van haar voetafdruk bij de klanten van Fractal wereldwijd. Deze investering versterkt ook het AI-aanbod van Fractal op het gebied van conversatie, terwijl het voortgaat met zijn missie om elke menselijke beslissing in de onderneming te ondersteunen.

Senseforth.ai’s gepatenteerde en bekroonde zero-code platform A.ware automatiseert de klantervaring via digitale contactpunten voor wereldwijde ondernemingen. Naar schatting zal in 2022 30% van de klantervaringen worden afgehandeld door conversatie-AI, een stijging van 3% in 2017. A.ware maakt het eenvoudig om conversatie-AI-oplossingen te bouwen, trainen, implementeren en schalen om inkomsten te genereren en kosten te verlagen en de operationele efficiëntie te verhogen.

Conversational AI Leader Senseforth.ai Raises $14 Million from Fractal

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Conversational AI leader Senseforth.ai today announced a $14 million investment from Fractal (fractal.ai), a global provider of artificial intelligence and analytics solutions to Fortune 500® companies. This investment will help Senseforth.ai scale and expand its footprint across Fractal’s clients globally. This investment also strengthens Fractal’s conversational AI offerings as it advances on its mission to power every human decision in the enterprise.

Senseforth.ai’s patented and award winning zero-code platform A.ware automates customer experience across digital touchpoints for global enterprises. It is estimated that by 2022, 30% of customer experiences will be handled by conversational AI, up from 3% in 2017. A.ware makes it easy to build, train, deploy, and scale conversational AI solutions to drive revenue, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Shridhar Marri, CEO and Co-Founder of Senseforth said, “This strategic investment creates a new growth blueprint for Senseforth.ai. We are thrilled to deliver on our vision ‘to make technology humanlike’, enabling continuous Human-AI interaction and transforming complex business processes.” He added, “We can now scale talent, accelerate growth, make more investments in R&D, and create incredible value for our clients.”

Announcing the strategic investment, Fractal’s Co-Founder, Group Chief Executive and Vice Chairman, Srikanth Velamakanni said, “Senseforth.ai’s founders Shridhar, Krishna and Ritesh have built a great team and a robust platform that’s deployed at scale with marquee clients like HDFC Bank. Senseforth’s technology is ahead of the competition, especially as evidenced by their performance benchmark on the leaderboard of Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD) 2.0.” Srikanth added, “We are excited to partner with the Senseforth.ai team to contribute to their next phase of growth.”

“We are inspired by Senseforth.ai’s work with the government of India to remove technology barriers in accessing citizen services for 700 million internet users through conversational AI. We are delighted to partner with Senseforth and expand conversational AI solutions to our clients,” said Pranay Agrawal, Fractal’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Krishna Kadiri, Chief AI Officer and Co-Founder of Senseforth said, “Senseforth has a robust R&D and innovation culture and has already made its mark in the global ML benchmarks. This investment will help us enhance our deep learning capabilities and embed advanced cutting-edge research into A.ware.”

Don Vadakan, Chief Sales Officer at Fractal said, “Senseforth’s industry agnostic, multi-experience AI platform will drive next-generation digital solutions. We are excited to deliver powerful use cases across industries for both large and mid-size enterprises with A.ware from Senseforth.”

Ritesh Radhakrishnan, CTO, and Co-Founder of Senseforth said, “At Senseforth.ai, we have built A.ware, one of the most powerful and comprehensive Conversational AI Platforms in the market today. A.ware is already automating billions of conversations for enterprises across the world. This investment will help us further strengthen our technology foundation and scale our platform and products to become the undisputed market leader in the Conversational AI space.”

About Senseforth.ai

Senseforth.ai is a Conversational AI platform that enables automated human-like conversations at scale, between organizations and people. Founded with a vision to “make technology humanlike”, Senseforth.ai helps businesses acquire, engage and assist customers using AI-powered bots. As a preferred partner of choice for enterprises in North America, Europe and APAC, Senseforth.ai has implemented 100+ solutions that handle millions of conversations every month and has been recognized as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Conversational AI Platforms in 2020 by Gartner, For more information, visit www.senseforth.ai

About Fractal

Fractal is one of the leading providers of AI and analytics globally to the world’s most admired Fortune 500® companies. Fractal’s mission is to power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing AI, engineering, and design to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Fractal’s products include Qure.ai, to assist radiologists in making better diagnostic decisions; Crux Intelligence, to assist CEOs, and senior executives make better tactical and strategic decisions; Theremin.ai, to improve investment decisions; Eugenie.ai, to find anomalies in high-velocity data; and Samya.ai to drive next generation enterprise revenue growth management.

Fractal has more than 2,800 employees across 16 global locations, including the United States, UK, Ukraine, India, Singapore and Australia. Fractal has consistently been rated among India’s best companies to work for, by The Great Place to Work® Institute; featured as a leader in the Customer Analytics Service Providers Wave™ 2021, Specialized Insights Service Providers Wave™ 2020 & Computer Vision Consultancies Wave™ 2020, by Forrester Research; and recognized as an “Honorable Vendor” in 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for data & analytics by Gartner. For more information visit fractal.ai.


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