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A&K Group stelt op wetenschap gebaseerde doelen voor emissiereductie

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Medische communicatiegroep AS&K heeft ambitieuze doelstellingen voor emissiereductie vastgesteld met behulp van het Science Based Target-initiatief (SBTi) -raamwerk voor het MKB. Deze wereldwijde organisatie biedt bedrijven een duidelijk gedefinieerd pad naar toekomstbestendige groei door te specificeren hoeveel en hoe snel ze hun uitstoot van broeikasgassen (BKG) moeten verminderen.

Door zich aan te sluiten bij meer dan 1.000 visionaire bedrijven uit alle sectoren, waaronder grote farmaceutische bedrijven, loopt AS&K voorop in de medische communicatiesector in deze belangrijke wereldwijde inspanning om de klimaatcrisis aan te pakken. AS&K heeft een groepswijd doel gesteld om de uitstoot van broeikasgassen met 50% te verminderen, wat in overeenstemming is met de strengste doelstelling van de Overeenkomst van Parijs om de opwarming van de aarde tot 1,5 ° C te houden en de meest schadelijke effecten van klimaatverandering te voorkomen.

AS&K Group Sets Science Based Targets for Emissions Reduction

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Medical communications group AS&K has set ambitious emissions reduction goals using the Science Based Target initiative’s (SBTi) framework for SMEs. This global organization provides companies with a clearly defined pathway to future-proof growth by specifying how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

By joining more than 1,000 visionary businesses from all industries including major pharmaceutical companies, AS&K is leading the way in the medical communication sector in this important worldwide effort to tackle the climate crisis. AS&K has set a group-wide goal of 50% reduction in GHG emissions, which is in line with the most stringent goal of the Paris Agreement to keep global warming to 1.5C and prevent the most damaging effects of climate change.

“AS&K understands the urgent need for companies to take action to address the climate crisis. We’re absolutely committed to doing all that we can, and will also work with our clients to reduce the climate impact of their medical communication activities,” said Simon Gee, AS&K Agency Head.

As well as reducing emissions, AS&K is aiming to become net zero before 2030 by supporting programs that mitigate the effects of their remaining emissions.

“The climate crisis is one of the most important issues of our times and we’re passionate about taking meaningful steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Joining the SBTi and setting emissions reduction goals is a critical first step in getting to net-zero as soon as we can,” added Katherine Vik, Senior Digital Project Manager and Chair of AS&K’s Climate Committee. “We are also running a number of workstreams to help our clients reduce the environmental impact of their medical communications.”

More information about AS&K’s commitment is available on the SBTi website.

About AS&K Group: The AS&K Group is an independently owned group of medical communications agencies who collaborate with leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. As strategic partners and subject matter experts, the AS&K Group transforms complex scientific information into compelling programs that inform and educate healthcare professionals. The AS&K Group comprises three innovative companies: Remedica, AS&K Communications and The Corpus. Follow our journey on Twitter @asandkgroup and Linkedin

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