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Recover™, Happy Punt en Hansae vormen een strategisch partnerschap om circulaire mode voor iedereen te realiseren

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Drie toonaangevende bedrijven in de textielsector, Recover™, Happy Punt en Hansae, zijn een meerjarige samenwerkingsovereenkomst aangegaan om end-to-end oplossingen te bieden voor ontwerp, ontwikkeling en productie van duurzaam bewuste kleding voor de modebranche. De samenwerking stelt retailers en merken in staat om duurzame Recover™ gerecyclede katoenvezels naadloos te integreren in hun producten, en zo een van ‘s werelds grootste milieuproblemen op te lossen.

Met behulp van innovatieve technologie biedt het partnerschap een scala aan diensten, waaronder 3D-ontwerp, patronen, tech packs, monsters en productie om merken en retailers te ondersteunen bij elke stap in de supply chain. De samenwerking biedt een unieke speed-to-market-oplossing voor de productie van volledig duurzame kleding en maakt gebruik van het wereldwijde bereik van de groep, met kantoren in Seoul, Barcelona en New York. Daarnaast biedt nauwe klantnabijheid in-market technische ontwerpdiensten die alle specificaties ontwikkelen, beoordelen en goedkeuren om te zorgen voor een juiste pasvorm en merkversterkende producten. Het partnerschap biedt ook een end-to-end service die de voordelen van productie nearshore en offshore combineert wereldwijd.

Recover™, Happy Punt and Hansae Form a Strategic Partnership to Achieve Circular Fashion for All

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Three leading companies in the textiles industry, Recover™, Happy Punt, and Hansae, have entered into a multi-year partnership agreement to provide end-to-end solutions for the design, development, and production of sustainably conscious apparel for the fashion industry. The partnership allows retailers and brands to seamlessly integrate sustainable Recover™ recycled cotton fiber into their products, thereby helping to solve one of the world’s biggest environmental issues.

Using innovative technology, the partnership provides a range of services, including 3D design, patterns, tech packs, samples, and production to support brands and retailers at every step in the supply chain. The partnership offers a unique speed to market solution for the production of fully sustainable apparel and leverages the group’s global reach, with offices in Seoul, Barcelona, and New York. In addition, close customer proximity provides in-market technical design services that develop, review and approve all specifications to ensure correct fit and brand enhancing products.The partnership also provides an end-to-end service that combines the advantages of production nearshore and offshore worldwide.

Dedicated leading edge design and development facilities can produce samples in house from concept to finished sample with a quick turnaround time. Notably, as part of a joint sustainability initiative, the partnership also encourages R&D designs to be replaced by 3D designs to reduce the environmental impact of the sampling process.

The three leading companies have a combined experience of over 130 years in each of their respective fields. Each firm’s commitment to bringing the best technology to the product and the market offers a disruptive approach to the traditional apparel design and production process. The partnership is proud to be actively working with leading global brands to deliver sustainable collections to the market by Spring 2022, and more collections are expected to follow.

Recover™ will increase its production to 200,000 metric tons of recycled cotton fiber per year by 2025 to support the current market demand. This recycled cotton volume will save nearly three trillion liters of water each year, equivalent to the drinking water consumed by 3 billion people on an annual basis and allow 500,000 acres of land to be directed away from cotton cultivation to other uses.

The Recover™, Happy Punt, and Hansae strategic partnership provides brands and retailers with an easy plug & play solution to achieve their sustainability initiatives and ensures a quality product for the consumer.

About Recover™

Recover™ is a leading material sciences company and global producer of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fiber and cotton fiber blends. Its premium, environmentally friendly, and cost-competitive products are created in partnership with the supply chain for global retailers and brands, offering a sustainable solution to achieve circular fashion for all.

As a fourth-generation, family-owned company with over a 70-year history in the textile industry, Recover™ is on a mission to scale its proprietary technology to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and partner with brands/retailers and other change-makers to meet the industry’s sustainability targets.

For more information, visit www.recovertex.com and follow @recoverfiber on social media.

About Happy Punt

Happy Punt is a design and manufacturing end-to-end solution provider to the fashion industry, applying virtual design tools supported by the best technology offering an efficient and sustainable product development and design process. Founded in 1996, Happy Punt has more than 25 years of history in the fashion business, and a team of 80 fashion designers and PD&D. Happy Punt offers a “Gold Standard” of excellence in technical and production know-how that ensures the manufacturing and delivery of safe and reliable products by providing a global end-to-end service recognized for the quality of their fashion design and for the speed of their creative process.

About Hansae

Established in 1982, Hansae Co., Ltd. has maintained consistent growth through specialized apparel exports and annually produces over 300 million garments. Hansae has 14 global corporations in 7 countries, over 600 people at the corporate Headquarters, and over 35,000 in the global manufacturing workforce.

Its mission is to enrich customer’s lives and lead fashion culture by providing the best quality clothes at a reasonable price. Quality management systems maximize values for its customers by ensuring manufacturing excellence and on-time, safe delivery of products.

Hansae has developed HAMS, its own smart factory system to maximize the efficiency of production plants in Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Haiti.

Hansae aims to be a front-runner in sustainable management by establishing ‘10% For Good’, pledging to donate 10 percent of its net profits from sustainable orders to third parties that work toward improving ocean environment by collecting wastes, the advancement of green raw materials, and hardware upgrades and retrofits.


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