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AG2R LA MONDIALE keurt Akur8 goed om zijn benadering van zorgverzekeringsprijzen uit te dagen

PARIJS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AG2R LA MONDIALE en Akur8 zijn verheugd hun samenwerking aan te kondigen om het prijsproces van AG2R LA MONDIALE voor ziektekostenverzekeringen te transformeren. Deze stap onderstreept de wens van AG2R LA MONDIALE om innovatie aan te moedigen ten voordele van haar polishouders. Het versterkt ook Akur8’s relevantie in de zorgverzekeringssector.

De oplossing van Akur8 is speciaal ontwikkeld voor verzekeringsmaatschappijen en verbetert hun prijsstellingsproces door risico- en vraagmodellering te automatiseren, met behulp van een gepatenteerde technologie die wordt aangedreven door transparante kunstmatige intelligentie. Akur8 stelt verzekeraars in staat om de modelleringstijden aanzienlijk te verkorten, de time-to-market te versnellen en de voorspellende kracht van hun modellen te vergroten, met behoud van absolute transparantie en controle.

Met Akur8 daagt AG2R LA MONDIALE de prijsbenadering van zijn zorgverzekeringsproducten uit om zijn polishouders eerlijkere, transparantere en meer op maat gemaakte prijzen te bieden.

AG2R LA MONDIALE Adopts Akur8 to Challenge Its Approach to Health Insurance Pricing

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AG2R LA MONDIALE and Akur8 are delighted to announce their collaboration to transform AG2R LA MONDIALE’s health insurance pricing process. This move underlines AG2R LA MONDIALE’s desire to encourage innovation for the benefit of its policyholders. It also reinforces Akur8’s relevance in the health insurance sector.

Specifically developed for insurance companies, Akur8’s solution enhances their pricing process by automating risk and demand modeling, using a proprietary technology powered by transparent artificial intelligence. Akur8 enables insurers to significantly reduce modeling times, speed up time-to-market and increase predictive power of their models, while retaining absolute transparency and control.

With Akur8, AG2R LA MONDIALE is challenging its health insurance products’ pricing approach in order to offer its policyholders fairer, more transparent and more tailored prices.

We are delighted to be opening this new chapter with AG2R LA MONDIALE. This move underlines their innovative spirit and ability to adapt constantly in order to serve their clients better, while putting digital transformation at the heart of their plans,” said Samuel Falmagne, CEO of Akur8.

This collaboration with AG2R LA MONDIALE marks a significant step forward in Akur8’s continuous development. It reinforces the solution’s relevance for health insurance and consolidates our presence in France,” said Brune de Linares, Chief of Sales at Akur8.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Akur8. We are constantly seeking to provide better support to our policyholders, in an environment that calls for ever more agility and adaptability. This experimentation with Akur8 is a prime example of this approach. We hope that this unique, intuitive and innovative solution will provide value in the key process of pricing,” said Anne-Charlotte de Raigniac, Director of actuarial services and medical approvals at AG2R LA MONDIALE.


As a specialist in social and patrimonial protection in France, AG2R LA MONDIALE insures individuals, businesses and professional branches, providing health protection, protecting assets and income, guarding against accidents and preparing for retirement. The Group has over 15 million policyholders and provides day-to-day support to 500,000 businesses. With more than 11,000 employees, AG2R LA MONDIALE has a presence throughout mainland France and beyond. As a partnership with joint, cooperative governance, the Group cultivates a unique social protection model that closely combines profitability and solidarity, performance and social commitment. Every year it spends millions of euros helping vulnerable people and supporting individual and collaborative initiatives.

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Akur8 revolutionizes insurance pricing with transparent AI. Akur8 has developed a unique AI-based insurance pricing solution that automates modeling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control over the models created, as required by regulators worldwide. Akur8 is the only solution on the market that reconciles the Machine Learning and Actuarial worlds.

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