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GekkoVet Oy: Heeft mijn hond een corona-virusziekte, cholangitis of kennelhoest?

HELSINKI– (BUSINESS WIRE)– Er zijn honderden verschillende ziekten en zelfs meer symptomen die huisdieren kunnen treffen. Zelfs een dierenarts kan ze niet allemaal onthouden zonder hulp. De nieuwe toepassing GekkoCompass, onlangs gelanceerd door een Fins bedrijf, stelt de dierenarts met één druk op de knop de meest waarschijnlijke diagnose en de juiste behandeling voor.

Bij de behandeling van hun patiënten gebruiken dierenartsen tal van verschillende bronnen om tot een diagnose te komen. Nu is er echter geen behoefte meer aan stapels boeken of verwarrende notities. GekkoCompass maakt een lijst van mogelijke diagnoses in waarschijnlijkheidsvolgorde, gebaseerd op de symptomen van de patiënt, laboratoriumresultaten en andere bevindingen. Nadat de diagnose is geselecteerd, worden de juiste behandelingen voorgesteld aan de dierenarts. GekkoCompass biedt ondersteuning in de hele behandelingsketen van de patiënt, waardoor het risico op menselijke fouten in alle stadia wordt verminderd. Het vergeet dingen niet en vooroordelen hebben geen invloed op de voorgestelde diagnoses.

GekkoVet Oy: Has My Dog Got Corona Virus Disease, Cholangitis or Kennel Cough?

HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– There are hundreds of different diseases and even more symptoms that can affect pets. Even a veterinarian cannot remember all of them without help. The new GekkoCompass application, recently launched by a Finnish company, suggests the most probable diagnosis and the appropriate treatment at the touch of a button to the veterinarian.

In treating their patients, veterinarians use numerous different sources to arrive at a diagnosis. Now, however, there is no longer a need for stacks of books or confusing notes. GekkoCompass creates a list of possible diagnoses in probability order, based on the patient’s symptoms, laboratory results, and other findings. After the diagnosis is selected, the appropriate treatments are suggested to the veterinarian. GekkoCompass provides support throughout the patient’s treatment chain reducing the risk of human error at all stages. It does not forget things and preconceptions will not influence the diagnoses suggested.

GekkoCompass currently includes information for internal diseases of dogs and cats. With these alone there are nearly 25,000 different disease-symptom combinations. The content will grow to embrace new animal species as well as different fields of veterinary medicine. All this information is available to all veterinarians worldwide – regardless of the level of veterinary education or the country’s resources.

Johanna Majamaa, CEO of GekkoVet Oy, states: “The main idea behind this application’s development has been the desire to promote animal welfare worldwide. With GekkoCompass, the veterinarian will find diagnoses and recommended treatments faster and with greater confidence. At the same time, information is accumulated as veterinary medicine real world data (RWD). This is the first time ever when this data is automatically structured along the patient treatment path. PetCompass, a sister product that we have just launched, arose out of this same idea, but is intended for pet owners. We thought, why not provide professional-level information to animal owners as well and facilitate the flow of information between owners and veterinarians?”

Until now, pet owners have had to look for pet health information from a variety of sources, the reliability of which varies greatly. Now up-to-date information on the pet’s condition is easily available in one place through the PetCompass mobile app.

GekkoVet Oy is working with If P&C Insurance, which offers its dog and cat insurance customers the Premium version of the PetCompass application for 3 months free of charge. “During the corona pandemic, the number of new pet owners has grown sharply. We want to help, especially, the less experienced dog and cat owners by offering peace of mind in the different everyday situations that they and their pets find themselves in. The application provides a reliable and effortless way to discover the causes of a pet’s symptoms and to easily get in touch with a veterinarian (or a remote veterinarian) if this is necessary,” says Heidi Elomaa, If’s veterinarian and Product Manager for Animal Insurance.


CEO Johanna Majamaa, DVM

GekkoVet LLC



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