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Boca Biolistics is de eerste CRO die deelneemt aan VERIF.i®, het nieuwe pre-assessmentprogramma voor leveranciers van Scientist.com

VERIF.i® biedt gestandaardiseerde fysieke laboratoriuminspecties die de faciliteiten, het personeel en de processen van leveranciers van gereguleerde onderzoeksdiensten evalueren

SAN DIEGO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Scientist.com, de toonaangevende R&D-markt van de farmaceutische industrie, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat VERIF.i®, het nieuwe pre-assessmentprogramma voor leveranciers van het bedrijf, officieel van start is gegaan met de succesvolle afronding van een on-site beoordeling van De biorepository-faciliteiten van Boca Biolistics. VERIF.i is ontwikkeld om beide kanten van de Scientist.com-markt te helpen. Pre-assessments helpen leveranciers zoals Boca Biolistics om hun kwaliteit en capaciteiten aan te tonen, terwijl farmaceutische en biotechklanten worden geholpen om op een versnelde manier gereguleerde diensten te selecteren met meer vertrouwen en minder risico.

Boca Biolistics is the First CRO to Participate in VERIF.i®, Scientist.com’s New Supplier Pre-assessment Program

VERIF.i® offers standardized physical lab inspections that evaluate the facilities, personnel and processes of suppliers of regulated research services

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the pharmaceutical industry’s leading R&D marketplace, announced today that VERIF.i®, the company’s new supplier pre-assessment program, has officially launched with the successful completion of an on-site assessment of Boca Biolistics’s biorepository facilities. VERIF.i was developed to help both sides of the Scientist.com marketplace. Pre-assessments help suppliers such as Boca Biolistics demonstrate their quality and capabilities, while helping pharma and biotech customers select regulated services in an accelerated manner with more confidence and less risk.

“We have always been confident in the quality of our facilities and the personnel that operate them,” stated Joseph Mauro, Chief Vision Officer at Boca Biolistics. “VERIF.i allows us to demonstrate our expertise to current and future clients of Scientist.com’s marketplace as well as to our existing clientele outside of the platform.”

Boca Biolistics is a hybrid contract research organization (CRO) with an integrated life science biorepository, offering central laboratory testing as well as clinical trial services. The company procures human biospecimens from around the world for commercial product development and the advancement of precision medicine. VERIF.i enables Boca Biolistics and other suppliers of regulated research services to communicate their standards against pre-defined criteria developed for the biopharma industry and then confirm them through independent, third-party auditors that carry out an on-site inspection.

“On-site assessments are expensive, resource intensive and time consuming for customers and suppliers,” stated Matt McLoughlin, Sr. VP of Categories and Compliance at Scientist.com. “VERIF.i standardizes and simplifies the process for both sides of the market. It enables suppliers to differentiate themselves from their peers while enabling customers to gain valuable, unbiased insight into a supplier’s facilities, personnel and processes.”

VERIF.i is an expansion of Scientist.com’s award-winning COMPLi® solution. For more information visit https://www.scientist.com/verifi/

About Boca Biolistics

Boca Biolistics is a hybrid CRO leveraging our vertically integrated model to build a life sciences biorepository with industry leading clinical and molecular data sets. Our commercial biobank has >800,000 specimens available for use in R&D as well as clinical trials. Our CLIA/CAP accredited reference lab offers clinical testing as well as research testing services for diagnostic and pharma. Our CRO division provides end-to-end services for both diagnostic and biopharma clinical trials.

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