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CSG COO Ken Kennedy treedt toe tot de TM Forum Beyond Connectivity Advisory Board

De benoeming versterkt het engagement van CSG om duurzame bedrijfsmodellen te creëren voor de toekomst van de industrie

DENVER – CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat Ken Kennedy, chief operating officer en hoofd van Revenue Management and Digital Monetization voor CSG, toetreedt tot de adviesraad van TM Forum’s Beyond Connectivity. Deze strategische adviesraad fungeert als een denktank om de servicebedrijven van morgen te versterken door de industrie te verenigen en de kritische standaarden, code-assets en knowhow te verzamelen om continue vooruitstrevende input en begeleiding te bieden voor ecosysteemuitdagingen. Het bestuur is vastbesloten ervoor te zorgen dat het werk van TM Forum innovatief is en van maximale waarde voor zijn leden en de bredere industrie.

Met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in de technologie- en telecomindustrie en een oorspronkelijke oprichter van softwarebedrijf Telution, loopt Kennedy voorop in cloudtechnologie. Zijn zakelijke en technische kennis van kritieke kwesties zoals het genereren van digitale inkomsten en wereldwijde bedrijfstransformatie zullen de voortdurende impact van het werk van het Forum op open digitale ecosystemen helpen stimuleren om tastbare zakelijke waarde aan leden te leveren. Gedurende zijn hele carrière heeft Kennedy productplatforms, partnerecosystemen en wereldwijde strategieën gebouwd en getransformeerd om praktijkvoorbeelden te leveren die groei bevorderen en verdere industriële innovatie mogelijk maken.

CSG COO Ken Kennedy Joins the TM Forum Beyond Connectivity Advisory Board

Appointment amplifies CSG’s commitment to creating sustainable business models for the future of the industry

DENVER – CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) today announced Ken Kennedy, chief operating officer and head of Revenue Management and Digital Monetization for CSG, is joining TM Forum’s Beyond Connectivity advisory board. This strategic advisory board acts as a think tank to empower the service provider businesses of tomorrow by uniting the industry and assembling the critical standards, code assets and know-how to deliver continuous forward-thinking input and guidance to ecosystem challenges. The board aims to ensure TM Forum’s work is innovative and of maximum value to its members and the wider industry.

With over 25 years’ experience in the technology and telecom industry and an original founder of software company Telution, Kennedy is a forerunner in cloud technology. His business and technical acumen on critical issues such as digital monetization and global business transformation will help drive continuous impact of the Forum’s work on open digital ecosystems to deliver tangible business value to members. Throughout his career, Kennedy has built and transformed product platforms, partner ecosystems and global strategies to deliver real world use cases that fostered growth and enabled further industry innovation.

“The Beyond Connectivity Advisory Board aims to accelerate the growth of new open B2B2X services, transforming traditional connectivity to be fit for the future, and unlocking the value of service provider capabilities,” said Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum. “We are delighted to welcome Ken Kennedy to the Board. His expertise in monetizing ecosystem challenges will be valuable to this ambition.”

“Joining the TM Forum Beyond Connectivity Advisory Board represents CSG’s commitment and responsibility to contributing to a sustainable business model that drives prosperity for the industry as ecosystems evolve and mature,” said Kennedy. “Standardization and collaboration are essential for our market to thrive. TM Forum leads the industry in providing the guiding principles for participants to be successful in emerging ecosystem models driven by the next wave of technology. Without these standards, the industry collaboration needed to deliver true customer value would be unwieldy and untenable.”

For more than a decade, CSG has been an active participant in TM Forum activities, including training, compliance, certification and thought leadership. The company is a staunch advocate of TM Forum’s standardized frameworks for applications and processes, along with the common nomenclature needed for the industry to communicate and collaborate. The company is also signatory to the TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto and the Open Digital Architecture.

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