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1E daagt DEM-markt uit om meer te leveren en lanceert nieuwe Unified eXperience Management-categorie

1E kondigt Tachyon aan als het eerste UXM-platform; Nieuwe functies verenigen de tools van IT en medewerkers om de IT-werkdruk en de onderbreking van medewerkers te verminderen

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – 1E, innovators in endpoint management, kondigde vandaag Unified eXperience Management (UXM) aan, een nieuwe categorie die de stille aanpak wil aanpakken die inherent is aan tools in de Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) -ruimte.

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210511005842/en/

Vanwege de relatieve onvolwassenheid van de categorie Digital Experience Management, zijn de meeste tools gericht op het identificeren van en rapporteren over de omvang van het probleem, scoren en probleemidentificatie. Deze tools creëren analytische silo’s die inzicht geven, maar zijn losgekoppeld van de automatiseringstechnologie die de eindgebruikerservaring op bedrijfsschaal daadwerkelijk kan verbeteren. Ondertussen raken medewerkers steeds meer gefrustreerd, waarbij 56% ontevreden is over hun IT-ervaring. Organisaties die de digitale ervaring van al hun werknemers willen verbeteren, moeten verder gaan dan analyse en automatisering omarmen om deze problemen op te lossen.

1E Challenges DEM Market to Deliver More, Launching New Unified eXperience Management Category

1E announces Tachyon as the first UXM platform; New features unify IT and employee tools for reduced IT workload and employee disruption

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 1E, innovators in endpoint management, today announced Unified eXperience Management (UXM), a new category that seeks to address the siloed approach inherent in tools in the Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) space.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210511005842/en/

1E Tachyon Platform: Unified eXperience Management to improve the Digital Experience of all employees (Graphic: Business Wire)

1E Tachyon Platform: Unified eXperience Management to improve the Digital Experience of all employees (Graphic: Business Wire)

Due to the relative immaturity of the Digital Experience Management category, most tooling is focused on identifying and reporting on the scale of the problem, scoring, and issue identification. These tools create analytics silos that give insight, but are uncoupled from the automation technology that can actually improve end-user experience at an enterprise scale. Meanwhile, employees are becoming increasingly more frustrated, with 56% feeling dissatisfied with their IT experience. Organizations looking to improve the digital experience of all their employees need to move beyond analytics and embrace automation to resolve these issues.

Furthermore, this siloed approach of today’s DEM solutions neglects the substantial investment most large organizations have made into platforms like ServiceNow and Microsoft. The industry needs a solution that can leverage these investments to be part of the solution rather than ignore them.

1E is introducing the UXM category in response to these issues that unifies Digital Experience Monitoring with all the other aspects of IT required to positively impact the user’s experience. Unified eXperience Management comprises Experience Monitoring, Employee Engagement, Diagnostic and Remediation tooling, and Configuration Policy to ensure that once an issue is fixed on one machine it is applied to all machines on an ongoing basis. Deep and rich integration with service desk and UEM platforms like ServiceNow and Microsoft Endpoint Manager enable IT workers dealing with incidents to have access to insights and a shared library of fixes to ensure that end-user issues are dealt with in real-time.

“If a Digital Experience initiative can identify experience issues but has no clear line of sight to remediating them, it will deliver zero value; No employee ever wished IT had a better analytics solution,” said Sumir Karayi, CEO and founder of 1E. “They want less frustrating experiences, they want fewer disruptions. For this, IT needs to take a step beyond analytics that identifies issues, to an initiative that leverages automation to predict and improve experiences. That is how we view Unified eXperience Management — proactive, real time, holistic action across all endpoints.”

To accompany the launch of the category, 1E’s Product Chief Technologist, Bogdan Udrea, will host a webinar exploring UXM and how it can help organizations enable a modern, hybrid workplace on May 18 at 11 a.m. ET. To attend, please visit: https://info.1e.com/webinar-go-beyond-digital-experience-management-what-is-uxm

This coincides with the latest release of 1E Tachyon, which brings new UXM capabilities to market. Tachyon 5.2 contains a unified device view that expedites troubleshooting and remediation of an endpoint on a single pane of glass. The latest release also introduces a new persona management capability, allowing IT to better understand the needs and experience challenges of different cohorts of employees.

Product Marketing Director, Michael Wright, will be launching Tachyon 5.2 on May 20th at 11am ET. To attend the launch event, please visit: https://info.1e.com/launch-showcase-tachyon-5.2-discover-complete-device-visibility

WFA Research: https://www.1e.com/wfa-research-2021/

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