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EIP kondigt drie Europese energieleiders aan om zich aan te sluiten bij het wereldwijde innovatieplatform

Shell Ventures, EDF en DSD sluiten zich aan bij de Europese samenwerkingscoalitie van EIP om innovatie naar een duurzame energietoekomst te stimuleren

NEW YORK & LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Energy Impact Partners (EIP), het wereldwijde investeringsplatform dat de transitie naar een duurzame energietoekomst leidt, kondigde Shell Ventures, EDF en DSD aan als de nieuwste Europese leiders om zich aan te sluiten bij de coalitie gericht op de vooruitgang van technologieën die de wereldwijde decarbonisatie versnellen. De coalitie van EIP werkt samen door inzichten te delen, te investeren in innovatieve en transformatieve bedrijven en de groei van ondernemers te versterken door middel van toegewijde partnerschappen.

Shell Ventures, EDF en DSD vertegenwoordigen een brede dwarsdoorsnede van de Europese energiesector. Hun deelname aan de wereldwijde coalitie van EIP toont een toewijding en een gedeelde missie om het innovatietempo te versnellen en de acceptatie van kritische klimaatoplossingen snel op te schalen. Ze sluiten zich aan bij een diverse groep industrieleiders in de energie-, mobiliteits- en duurzaamheidsectoren, waaronder EWE, Fortum, Enterprise Holdings, AGL, Nysno en Tronder Energie.

EIP Announces Three European Energy Leaders to Join Global Innovation Platform

Shell Ventures, EDF, DSD join EIP’s collaborative European coalition to foster innovation towards a sustainable energy future

NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Energy Impact Partners (EIP), the global investment platform leading the transition to a sustainable energy future, announced Shell Ventures, EDF, and DSD as the latest European leaders to join its coalition focused on the advancement of technologies accelerating global decarbonization. EIP’s coalition collaborates by sharing insights, investing in innovative and transformative businesses, and amplifying entrepreneurs’ growth through dedicated partnerships.

Shell Ventures, EDF, and DSD represent a broad cross-section of the European energy industry. Their participation in EIP’s global coalition displays a commitment and shared mission to accelerate the pace of innovation and rapidly scale the adoption of critical climate solutions. They join a diverse group of industry leaders across the energy, mobility and sustainability industries including EWE, Fortum, Enterprise Holdings, AGL, Nysno, and Tronder Energie.

“We want to welcome Shell Ventures, EDF, and DSD as our newest partners to EIP’s European coalition,” said Matthias Dill, Managing Partner at Energy Impact Partners. “The experience that these innovative companies bring will allow us to better accelerate existing climate solutions and to create new technologies to facilitate a global energy transition.”

“Shell Ventures is looking forward to actively participating in EIP’s global investment platform. As leaders in the energy transition, both Shell Ventures and EIP have previously co-invested in several ventures. The energy and the climate challenge are extremely complex and will require strong collaboration to scale promising solutions and create real impact. EIP’s strong convening power is therefore essential to help accelerate the shift to a lower carbon future.” (Geert van de Wouw, Vice President Shell Ventures)

“EDF Group is very enthusiastic about joining, along with some major industrial energy players, the European coalition of EIP devoted to identifying and supporting the development of innovative carbon neutrality oriented ventures. This partnership will enable us to detect new levers for growth in alignment with the strategy of EDF to support and accelerate the climate transition of our customers.” (Guillaume Lesueur, Head of Investments, EDF Pulse Croissance)

“DSD Group are very pleased to join this EIPs European Coalition from Norway. Innovation and energy efficient solutions have always been in the core of DSD’s 166-year long existence. We invest in people who want to search and develop new ideas, create world-leading technology and contribute to a sustainable future. We believe the unique approach that EIP Global & European Coalition represents, will help accelerating the green energy transition, and we are grateful for EIP’s effort and initiative for making this happen. Together and in collaboration with many innovative industrial players world-wide we really look forward to working for a more carbon-neutral world.” (Yuhong Jin Hermansen, Chairman of the Board, DSD AS)

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