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Biomax Informatics presenteert AILANI 2.0 voor nog intelligentere reacties

PLANEGG & MÜNCHEN, Duitsland – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Biomax Informatics kondigt de lancering aan van versie 2.0 van AILANI. AILANI 2.0 vertegenwoordigt een nog modernere en gebruiksvriendelijkere versie van het semantische zoekplatform van Biomax Informatics. Via de nieuwe AILANI Cloud Interface kunnen gebruikers snel en kosteneffectief zoeken in tal van openbaar toegankelijke, academische full-text documenten, nieuwsfeeds, klinische onderzoeken en COVID-19-relevante patenten, waarbij ze intelligente antwoorden op hun vragen ontvangen, naast hun trefwoord zoeken. In tegenstelling tot de eerste versie van AILANI, profiteren mensen die de AILANI Cloud gebruiken van een document-tagging-systeem voor samenwerkingsdoeleinden, evenals van de introductie van “persona’s”, die een andere ervaring mogelijk maken voor verschillende gebruikersgroepen.

Biomax Informatics Presents AILANI 2.0 for Even More Intelligent Responses

PLANEGG & MUNICH, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Biomax Informatics announces the launch of version 2.0 of AILANI. AILANI 2.0 represents an even more modern and user-friendly version of Biomax Informatics’ semantic search platform. Via the new AILANI Cloud Interface, users can quickly and cost-effectively search through numerous publicly accessible, academic full-text documents, news feeds, clinical studies, and COVID-19-relevant patents, receiving intelligent responses to their questions, alongside their keyword search. Unlike in the first version of AILANI, people using the AILANI Cloud benefit from a document tagging system for collaborative purposes, as well as from the introduction of “personas,” which enable a different experience for distinct user groups.

Through the new AILANI Enterprise solution, Biomax also offers customers the opportunity to integrate their own data – in both a structured and unstructured format – into the system, to expand the semantic search function to this data by means of AI algorithms, and to compare it with publicly accessible data. To increase acceptance among employees and to optimize integration into the system landscape, the portal can be quickly and easily adapted to the company’s corporate design. An optional group function (persona) enables the rapid exchange of data and responses within the team. This allows new ideas and new knowledge to be generated and shared more quickly. The time required for product development can be reduced considerably, decisions can be made more rapidly and in an enhanced manner, and competitive advantages can be realized.

“The experiences and feedback of our customers over the past year have shown us that we can make a valuable contribution to successful research and product development in the life sciences sector through AILANI,” says Dr. Sascha Losko, Director of Product Management. “With AILANI 2.0 and our new pricing model, we are also able to provide companies of any size with optimal access to our software.”

Through AILANI for COVID-19, Biomax Informatics began offering free access to AILANI back in spring 2020. Interested parties can try out AILANI for free at https://ailani.ai and get answers to specific questions relating to COVID-19.

Free Webinar about AILANI 2.0

Biomax will offer a free webinar on AILANI 2.0 at 3:00 p.m. on April 29, 2021. For more information, please visit our website at www.biomax.com/webinar or follow us on LinkedIn. Biomax experts are already looking forward to providing attendees with a detailed insight into AILANI 2.0.

About Biomax Informatics:

Biomax Informatics offers software solutions for better decision-making and optimal knowledge management in the life sciences industry. Using the company’s software, customers can generate added value through the integration of information from their own and public resources, enabling them to achieve a knowledge-based approach for the development of innovative life sciences products. Biomax’s global customers include clinics, companies, and research institutions successful in the fields of research into active substances, diagnostics, fine chemicals, and food and plant products. The company, which was founded in 1997 and currently has 45 members of staff, is headquartered in Planegg near Munich. Further information can be found at www.biomax.com.


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