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Baker Tilly International lanceert zoektocht naar nieuwe CEO

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Ted Verkade, CEO van Baker Tilly International, verlaat het netwerk eind dit jaar na vijf jaar als CEO te hebben gediend. Het netwerk is een wereldwijde zoektocht gestart naar een nieuwe CEO om de versnelde evolutie van het internationale netwerk te leiden.

De heer Verkade nam de rol van CEO van Baker Tilly International op zich in 2016, waarna hij een roadmap opstelde om het netwerk te leiden door substantiële groei en een wereldwijde rebranding. Met de voltooiing van zijn ambitieuze plan heeft de heer Verkade de International Board in januari 2021 geïnformeerd over zijn voornemen om een ​​bredere leiderschapsrol in het vak op zich te nemen.

“Onder het leiderschap van Ted hebben we met succes wereldwijde audit-, belasting- en adviesservicetechnologie geïmplementeerd die een naadloze internationale klantenservice mogelijk maakt, terwijl we onze teamleden wereldwijd verbinden met een ultramodern digitaal platform”, aldus Tim Christen, voorzitter van Baker Tilly International. “We zijn Ted dankbaar en waarderen zijn voortdurende belangrijke bijdragen aan Baker Tilly en het wereldwijde accountants- en adviesberoep.”

Baker Tilly International Launches Search for New CEO

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Baker Tilly International CEO Ted Verkade will leave the network at the end of this year after serving five years as CEO. The network has launched a global search for a new CEO to lead the international network’s accelerated evolution.

Mr Verkade assumed the role of Baker Tilly International CEO in 2016, at which time he set out a roadmap to lead the network through substantial growth and a global rebrand. With the completion of his ambitious plan, Mr Verkade informed the International Board in January 2021 of his intention to take up a broader leadership role in the profession.

“Under Ted’s leadership, we have successfully implemented global audit, tax and advisory service technology enabling seamless international client service while connecting our team members worldwide with a state-of-the-art digital platform,” Baker Tilly International Chairman Tim Christen said. “We are thankful to Ted and appreciate his continuing significant contributions to Baker Tilly and the global accounting and advisory profession.”

Last year, the network formalised a bold new strategy designed to match the accelerated pace of change happening in business around the globe. The new CEO will build on this strategic direction, leading the network of approximately 37,000 team members across six continents.

“With our strong global brand, high-quality worldwide coverage, powerful collaboration and advanced digital infrastructure, we are poised for even greater success in the future,” Mr Verkade said.

Baker Tilly International Chairman-Elect Alan Whitman will lead the CEO search. “We are looking for the right leader who will capitalize on our network’s momentum at such a pivotal time where real disruption creates great opportunity,” Mr Whitman said.

This year’s IAB World SurveyA ranks Baker Tilly International 10th by global combined revenue and 9th by global headcount. In particular, the survey shines a spotlight on our consistent performance across all regions and reflects the outcomes of our commitment to clients and people.

Baker Tilly International Limited (Baker Tilly International) is a private company limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales. It is owned by its members, all of whom hold an equal interest in the legal entity. Client services are delivered by Baker Tilly members, each of which is a locally owned and managed independent firm. Each governs itself and handles its administrative matters locally, and is responsible for its own liabilities.

The network is governed by the Board of Directors, supported by a Global Office team. Baker Tilly International and its member firms are collectively referred to as Baker Tilly.

A https://news.bakertilly.global/network-news/strong-growth-despite-challenging-business-conditions/


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