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Scientist.com werkt samen met de beste CRO’s om ziektemodellen voor kankeronderzoek aan te bieden

AI-aangedreven Disease Model Finder helpt onderzoekers preklinische oncologiemodellen te identificeren

SAN DIEGO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Scientist.com, de toonaangevende marktplaats voor biowetenschappelijk onderzoek in de farmaceutische industrie, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het een partnerschap is aangegaan met Charles River, Certis Oncology en andere toonaangevende oncologie-CRO’s om een Disease Model Finder te lanceren die medische onderzoekers helpt genetische, cellulaire en patiëntgegevens om de meest geschikte onderzoeksmodellen te vinden voor hun preklinische ontwikkelingsprojecten.

“Onze gepatenteerde software voor modelselectie maakt gebruik van meerdere algoritmen voor machine learning om onderzoekers te helpen grote hoeveelheden gegevens te doorzoeken en in vitro en in vivo modellen voor hun onderzoek te identificeren”, aldus Javier Pineda, PhD, Data Scientist bij Scientist.com. “Wetenschappers kunnen filteren op genmutatie, genexpressie, kankertype of patiëntinformatie, en deze vervolgens zonder vertraging aanschaffen zodra het juiste model is geïdentificeerd.”

Scientist.com Partners with Top CROs to Offer Disease Models for Cancer Research

AI-powered Disease Model Finder helps researchers identify preclinical oncology models

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the pharmaceutical industry’s leading marketplace for life science research, announced today that it has partnered with Charles River, Certis Oncology and other leading oncology CROs to launch a Disease Model Finder that helps medical researchers use genetic, cellular and patient data to find the most appropriate research models for their preclinical development projects.

“Our proprietary model selection software uses multiple machine learning algorithms to help researchers sift through large amounts of data and identify in vitro and in vivo models for their research,” stated Javier Pineda, PhD, Data Scientist at Scientist.com. “Scientists can filter by gene mutation, gene expression, cancer type or patient information, and then purchase without delay once the right model is identified.”

The Disease Model Finder brings together a wealth of data that can help scientists choose the right preclinical disease models. DNA sequencing data from CRO partners is uploaded and analyzed so that researchers can easily search for models based on the presence (or absence) of a mutated gene or by the up or down regulation of gene expression. Marketplace customers can then filter their search results based on cancer type, subtype and characteristics or patient information.

“Scientist.com’s new Disease Model Finder will enable pharma and biotech researchers to find and purchase the most appropriate Charles River models for their drug development programs,” said Melissa Schroeder, E-Commerce Manager at Charles River. “Having access to advanced data that better matches a patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model with a research program will enable optimal study design, ultimately saving time and money as clients race to get critical therapies to patients.”

At launch, the Disease Model Finder includes 650 PDX models provided by Charles River, Certis, XenTech, the Lab for Innovated Diagnosis and Experimental Therapeutics (LIDE) and others—a number that is projected to grow quickly as more CROs join the program. By 2022, the platform will include other model systems including organoids, cell-derived xenografts (CDX), syngeneic models, immunoncology models and patient-derived cell lines.

“With so many drugs failing in human clinical trials because they don’t work, it is imperative that we use more predictive preclinical models of disease,” stated Peter Ellman, Certis Oncology CEO. “By combining gene analysis, patient data and tissue profiling data, Scientist.com’s Disease Model Finder increases the odds that researchers are selecting the right Certis models for translational drug development.”

To learn more please visit https://www.scientist.com/disease-model-finder/

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