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z-emotion lanceert 3D-kledingontwerpsoftware z-weave om end-to-end-consument digitale mode te realiseren

SEOUL, Zuid-Korea– (BUSINESS WIRE) – z-emotion kondigt de lancering aan van zijn 3D-kledingontwerpsoftware z-weave. Ontworpen voor de kleding- en zachte goederenindustrie, ontwikkelt z-weave 3D-modeproducten die de snelheid verbeteren en de kosten verlagen in het ontwerp- en ontwikkelingsproces, waardoor productontwikkelaars en kopers hun ideeën virtueel kunnen verbinden.

z-emotion verwerft een eigen 3D-kledingsimulatie-engine waarmee gebruikers in enkele seconden virtuele producten kunnen ontwikkelen. Z-emotion gaat verder dan de focus op het verkorten van het bemonsteringsproces binnen de toeleveringsketen, zoals bestaande spelers, en stelt zelfs de eindgebruikers in staat om in realtime met 3D-kledingstukken te communiceren.

z-emotion Launches 3D Garment Design Software z-weave to Realize End-to-End-Consumer Digital Fashion

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– z-emotion announces the launch of its 3D apparel design software z-weave. Designed for the apparel and soft goods industry, z-weave develops 3D fashion products that improve speed and reduce cost in the design and development process, allowing product developers and buyers to connect their ideas virtually.

z-emotion acquires a proprietary 3D garment simulation engine that enables users to develop virtual products in seconds. Going beyond the focus on shortening the sampling process within the supply chain like existing players, z-emotion allows even the end-consumers to interact with 3D garments in real time.

The high visual fidelity of z-weave’s 3D simulation outputs allow end-consumers to visualize combinations of different sizes and colors fit on their custom body avatars in 360-degree. This live virtual fitting service helps consumers make purchase decisions and optimize online sales conversion rates of e-commerce platforms.

“Throughout the years, there is an increasing demand for innovations from global brands. The outbreak of COVID-19 makes companies rethink their digital strategies. With open arms to embrace digital transformation, we hope to see z-emotion becoming the game-changer in the fashion world,” said Dongsoo Han, CEO at z-emotion.

There are over 3.8 billion digital buyers in 2021 worldwide, reaching half of world population. Fashion is the largest segment with a projected market volume of US$760 billion in 2021 and expected to grow 11.4% per year. z-emotion is in a perfect position to leverage the growth of this new buying behavior and help brands provide more interactive 3D content for consumers.


z-emotion is an emerging 3D garment simulation technology company that provides cutting-edge solutions to help fashion industry forward its digital transformation process. Our primary product z-weave is a 3D CAD software for apparel businesses and professionals to visualize fashion ideas.

With our headquarter based in Busan, z-emotion has an R & D office in Seoul, a support office in Hong Kong and virtual teams in Europe and USA. Over multiple rounds of product success, renowned strategic investors LG Electronics, VIVEX HTC, Shima Seiki also joined the exciting investment journey.

For company details on z-emotion, visit: www.z-emotion.com.

For product information on z-weave, visit www.z-weave.com.


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