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We presenteren een gloednieuwe app uit Japan! Aankondiging van de officiële lancering van de release versie van Casino Station!

Beschikbaar in 173 landen wereldwijd in 12 verschillende talen!

TOKIO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Vandaag kondigt Eve-sense Inc. met genoegen de officiële lancering aan van haar gloednieuwe smartphone-app (Android), “Casino Station – Global Ranking”.

Officiële website van Casino Station


Informatie over de officiële release van Casino Station


Dit is wat er zo geweldig is aan Casino Station!

We hebben een app gemaakt die beschikbaar is in 173 landen over de hele wereld in 12 verschillende talen en die is gespecialiseerd in volwaardige casinospellen. Behalve dat spelers kunnen genieten van een veelvoud aan realistische kansspelen, kunnen ze ook speltitels die momenteel in ontwikkeling zijn, per categorie bekijken, zodat ze kunnen spelen terwijl ze streven naar welke titel de volgende zal verschijnen. In eerste instantie zullen meer dan 100 verschillende titels beschikbaar zijn, en aangezien ons management altijd bezig is met het ontwikkelen van nieuwe, kunnen spelers altijd de nieuwste spelen. Bovendien is het huidige concept voor deze app “Spelen zonder geld uit te geven”, zodat spelers hun munten kunnen gebruiken om gewone games te spelen.

Presenting a Brand-new App From Japan! Announcing Official Launch of Release Version of Casino Station!

Available in 173 Countries Worldwide in 12 Different Languages!

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, Eve-sense Inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of its brand-new smartphone (Android) app, “Casino Station – Global Ranking”.

casinostation (Graphic: Business Wire)

casinostation (Graphic: Business Wire)

Casino Station Official Website


Information on the official release of Casino Station


Here’s what’s great about Casino Station!

We have created an app available in 173 countries worldwide in 12 different languages that specializes in full-fledged casino games. Aside from letting players enjoy a multitude of realistic games of chance, it also allows them to view game titles currently under development by category, enabling them to play while aiming for which title will come out next. Over 100 different titles will be available initially, and since our management is always working on developing new ones, players will always be able to play the latest ones. In addition, the current concept for this app is to “Play without spending any money”, so players will be able to use their coins to play regular games.

To commemorate the launch of Casino Station’s official web site, we’re giving away up to 4,000 Diamonds!

As part of our initial campaign to commemorate the launch of our official web site for Casino Station, we’ve prepared two different campaigns that will be running simultaneously: Sign Up Campaign, and Introduce a Friend Campaign. All of our customers will receive 1,000 Diamonds simply for registering on our web site for the first time! In addition, anyone who enters a Friend Referral Code after registering will immediately receive an additional 3,000 Diamonds! Since both campaigns will be happening at the same time, it means that players can earn up to 4,000 Diamonds in total before they even start playing! Aside from being able to enjoy the app for free as it was designed to be, the best part about Casino Station is that players can earn more coins at the casino and potentially be able to keep playing the casino and its games for free forever, as long as they keep winning.

We hope you’ll enjoy using Casino Station!

Casino Station Official Website


Information on the official release of Casino Station


Important Information

Casino Station is a game.

It does not provide the opportunity for players to gamble using real money or to win real prizes. It is not implied that practicing these games in the app will translate to success in gambling with real money in the future.

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