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Embedded Finance Provider HUBUC verzekert prestigieuze Y-Combinator-ondersteuning

  • HUBUC, een ingebedde financieringsmaatschappij, verzekert zich van een plaats op de prestigieuze start-up incubator Y-Combinator
  • HUBUC zal profiteren van het feit dat het deel uitmaakt van zijn vermaarde driemaandelijkse intensieve opstartversneller
  • Y-Combinator-alumni omvatten Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe en Doordash, met een gecombineerde waardering van meer dan $ 300 miljard

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – HUBUC, de volgende generatie banking-as-a-service-platform, is geselecteerd om zich aan te sluiten bij een van ‘s werelds meest prestigieuze start-up incubators, Y-Combinator (YC).

De intensieve accelerator van drie maanden van YC is ontworpen om ondernemers de vaardigheden, kennis en contacten bij te brengen om hun bedrijf te ontwikkelen en op te schalen, en om hen in contact te brengen met potentiële investeerders. Tot de alumni van het programma behoren onder meer Airbnb, Doordash, Stripe en Dropbox, en de gecombineerde waardering van YC-bedrijven is meer dan $ 300 miljard.

Embedded Finance Provider HUBUC Secures Prestigious Y-Combinator Backing

  • Embedded finance provider, HUBUC, secures a place on prestigious start-up incubator, Y-Combinator
  • HUBUC will benefit from being part of its renowned three-month intensive start up accelerator
  • Y-Combinator alumni includes Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe and Doordash, with a combined valuation of more than $300bn

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Thenext generation banking-as-a-service platform, HUBUC has been selected to join one the world’s most prestigious start-up incubators, Y-Combinator (YC).

YC’s intensive three-month accelerator is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and contacts to develop and scale their businesses as well as connecting them with potential investors. The scheme’s alumni includes the likes of Airbnb, Doordash, Stripe and Dropbox, and the combined valuation of YC companies is more than $300bn.

HUBUC enables companies to incorporate a number of payment capabilities into their offering, from onboarding and payments to FX and card issuance. It offers companies the convenience of having just one API, just one contract, and no regulatory requirements, meaning companies don’t have to sign up to seven different contracts and integrate seven APIs. It also helps them bring payment services online much faster than existing methods.

Hasan Nawaz, CEO of HUBUC added: “It’s a huge accolade for us to join such a renowned incubator and we hope to follow in the footsteps of its successful alumni. The embedded finance opportunity is set to grow and with the added firepower of Y-Combinator, we have the capabilities to help realise its full potential.

“As well as absorbing as much knowledge as possible, we plan to use the investment funds to build our compliance team, further product development and expand the sales and marketing teams in preparation of international expansion.”

Ignacio Javierre, COO of HUBUC commented: “To be selected to join the Y-Combinator is a significant step in HUBUC’s development. Hasan and I have experience launching a number of fintech solutions, all of which have contributed to the success of HUBUC today. To be recognised for this by YC is incredibly rewarding for us.

“We hope this experience will turn into an opportunity to accelerate the growth of our company so we can bring the benefits of embedded finance – such as improving payment methods, easy bank account opening, currency exchange and better analytics – to even more businesses.”

Securing a place with YC recognises both the expert team at HUBUC, as well as the wider value of the embedded finance opportunity, which is expected to be worth $3.6 trillion by 20301.

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