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Energy Impact Partners steunt Greentech Zolar, verhoogt serie B tot 35 miljoen

  • Nieuwe investering onder leiding van Energy Impact Partners voegt 10 miljoen euro toe aan lopende Serie B
  • Het totale kapitaal van de financieringsronde stijgt naar 35 miljoen euro
  • Agenda setting voor Next Generation Green Energy Company
  • Strategie voor 2021: Duurzame, exponentiële groei, vestiging als consumentenmerk en focus op klantsucces

BERLIJN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – De in Berlijn gevestigde Greentech start-up Zolar ontvangt een nieuwe investering en voegt 10 miljoen euro toe aan de lopende Series B-financieringsronde, waardoor de totale investering van deze serie op 35 miljoen euro komt. De nieuwe investering wordt geleid door Energy Impact Partners, de grootste investeerder in de energiesector met kantoren in de VS en Europa onder leiding van zijn managing partner Matthias Dill. Bestaande investeerders blijven Zolar steunen in de Serie B. Met de extra middelen zet de start-up de koers uit voor de uitbouw naar een volgende generatie groen energiebedrijf, gericht op duurzame energieproductie en integraal gebruik van zonne-energie in particuliere huishoudens. Zolar plaatst als consumentenmerk de klant centraal in de energieproductie en wordt gedreven door zijn missie van klimaatbescherming als een topprioriteit voor het bedrijfsleven.

Energy Impact Partners Backs Greentech Zolar, Increases Series B to 35 Million

  • New investment led by Energy Impact Partners adds 10 million euro to ongoing Series B
  • Total capital of the funding round increases to 35 million euro
  • Agenda setting for Next Generation Green Energy Company
  • Strategy for 2021: Sustainable, exponential growth, establishment as a consumer brand and focus on customer success

BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Berlin-based Greentech start-up Zolar receives a new investment and adds 10 million euro to the ongoing Series B funding round, raising the total investment of this series to 35 million euro. The new investment is lead by Energy Impact Partners, the biggest investor in the energy sector with offices in the USA and Europe headed by its managing partner Matthias Dill. Existing investors continue to support Zolar in the Series B. With the additional resources, the start-up sets the course for the expansion as a next generation green energy company, focusing on sustainable energy production and integral use of solar energy in private households. Zolar as a consumer brand, is placing customers at the center of energy production, and is driven by its mission of climate protection as a top business priority.

Energy provider of the future– The Next Generation Green Energy Company

The start-up defines five quality criteria, which represent the next generation of energy companies: decentralized renewable energy systems, green and affordable energy, customer centricity, significant reduction in customers’ carbon footprint, with an ultimate goal of carbon neutrality, as well as electrification and smart energy management. By installing a solar system on their own roof, customers are enabled to secure and allocate the main energy requirements of the household. Essential to this is the combination of electric mobility and solar energy, as well as the usage of self-generated power stored in residential batteries. The need for green and sustainably produced energy is also evident, due to rapidly increasing demands from customers. Zolar responds to this trend and offers homeowners an alternative to traditional energy companies, who continue to rely on fossil fuels.

“We find ourselves at the dawn of the solar age” explains Alex Melzer, CEO and co-founder of Zolar. “The solar sector proved to be very stable during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the past year, we have been able to grow our revenue significantly, and in 2021, we are targeting to triple installations across Germany. With the fresh 10 million, we are taking the company to the next level and The investment of Energy Impact Partners shows that investors recognise the relevance of regenerative energy. In doing so, they support us to grow quicker, accelerate revenue growth while at the same time having a positive impact on climate protection. Because ultimately what drives us all, is a livable future for all humans”, continued Melzer.

Private households become energy suppliers

In order for every household to become its own energy supplier, Zolar relies on technological platform solutions across the whole value chain. With full service digital concept, beginning with the Zolar Online Configurator, from a holistic customer journey to roof installation via the partner platform Zolar Project Center. The company intends to establish itself as a leading customer brand in the energy sector and is planning an expansion of the core business. In keeping with the requirement of an electrified household, the product portfolio will facilitate an integration of energy production, power storage and mobility.

“Zolar is one of the fastest growing energy start-ups in Germany”, added Matthias Dill, Managing Partner of Energy Impact Partners. “At Energy Impact Partners we closely monitor the transformation of the energy sector and with this investment we intend to provide ongoing support for Zolar’s goal – to become the energy provider of the future. The combination of technological state-of-the-art platforms, customer success and climate protection is a clear formula for success for us” continued Dill.

About Zolar

The Greentech start-up Zolar offers fixed-priced photovoltaic systems, which home owners can plan, compare and commission online, according to their needs. With the help of the in-house developed Zolar Online Configurator, homeowners have the possibility to adjust the components of their PV system according to their wishes, and along with this, receive an individual consultation from solar experts. Zolar’s wide network of local partner businesses carries out the installation on-site. The Berlin start-up employs around 150 employees across Germany and pursues the vision, to install solar panelling on every roof in the world, granting private households greater independence from energy supply systems. The gearing of energy production, energy storage and mobility enables the customer to design an electrified and smart household. As a next green energy company, Zolar empowers its customers to become energy suppliers within its own four walls, to neutralize their carbon footprint and to make an impact towards climate protection.

More information at: http://www.zolar.de

About Energy Impact Partners

Energy Impact Partners (EIP) is a global investment platform leading the transition to a sustainable energy future. EIP brings together entrepreneurs and the world’s most forward-looking energy and industrial companies to advance innovation. With over $1.5 billion in assets under management, EIP invests globally across venture, growth, credit and infrastructure – and has a team of more than 45 professionals based in its offices in New York, San Francisco, Palm Beach, London, and Cologne.

For more information on EIP, please visit: www.energyimpactpartners.com


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