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ADVA launches industry’s most compact timing solution for digital power substations

News summary:

  • Utility networks need risk-free route to robust and accurate synchronization
  • Ultra-compact and cost-optimized OSA 5405-P enables seamless migration to next-gen synchronization in secondary substations
  • Multi-technology timing solution combines IRIG-B, PPS, NTP and PTP Power Profile

MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ADVA (FSE: ADV) today launched its OSA 5405-P substation grandmaster, an ultra-compact synchronization solution specifically designed for the digital transformation of power utility networks. The OSA 5405-P delivers the precise and reliable timing that utilities need to leverage new smart grid applications, including intelligent power generation, distribution and control systems. The solution protects mission-critical infrastructure from the risk of outages caused by loss of timing from satellite signals by combining GNSS receivers with accurate PTP grandmaster clocks and network-delivered timing. Available with rack, DIN rail and wall mounting options, the OSA 5405-P also reduces cost and complexity in synchronization networks. What’s more, by supporting both legacy and new timing technologies, the solution empowers utility networks to smoothly and cost-effectively transition to next-generation synchronization.

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ADVA’s OSA 5405-P is a key building block for power network operators seeking to develop smart grid applications (Graphic: Business Wire)

ADVA’s OSA 5405-P is a key building block for power network operators seeking to develop smart grid applications (Graphic: Business Wire)

“The utility network landscape is changing. With the move to distributed power generation and the digital transformation of substations, utilities face a new set of challenges and opportunities. To succeed, all processes must be tightly synchronized and a new level of accurate, robust timing is required. Our OSA 5405-P addresses these exact needs and offers power network operators a simple and affordable route from legacy synchronization to fully protected and assured PTP timing,” said Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz, ADVA. “Now utility networks can leverage a solution tailored to their precise needs that’s easy to install anywhere. And with our sophisticated Ensemble Controller and Sync Director, synchronization is easy to manage and operate.”

The OSA 5405-P offers power network operators a risk-free way to migrate their existing timing infrastructure to the accurate and robust PTP timing needed for new automated technologies and smart grid applications. With network-based synchronization backing up timing from GNSS, the OSA 5405-P removes vulnerability to loss of satellite signals. It supports multiple PTP profiles, including the Power Profile, and features NTP as well as IRIG-B interfaces for precise time synchronization of all power system devices. Its Syncjack capabilities also deliver accurate, real-time monitoring of synchronization quality. The OSA 5405-P is the ultimate power utility synchronization solution where cost-efficiency and small footprint are key. With rack and DIN rail mounting options, it’s extremely versatile to deploy. Ideal for secondary substations, it can also complement the OSA 5422-IRIG solution in primary substations. The OSA 5405-P also utilizes in-service sync probing and assurance as well as innovative GNSS assurance capabilities.

“Smart grids need intelligent timing. That’s what our OSA 5405-P offers. It brings assured and protected synchronization to the edge of the power network in an extremely cost-efficient way. Now operators can rely on their infrastructure delivering the robust and accurate timing needed for new secondary substation and protection relay technologies,” commented Nir Laufer, VP, product line management, Oscilloquartz, ADVA. “The compact and environmentally friendly design of our solution will be especially valuable as utility networks migrate to packet-based timing. The OSA 5405-P distributes accurate timing with the smallest size and power footprint on the market. That means major savings on rack space and a significant reduction in complexity.”

Further details on the OSA 5405-P are available in these slides: https://adva.li/osa-5405-p-slides.

A supporting solution brief can be downloaded here: https://adva.li/osa-5405-p-solution-brief.

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