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Elevate Prize Foundation lanceert aanvraag voor $ 5 miljoen Elevate Prize

Stichting zoekt leiders van non-profitorganisaties en openbare liefdadigheidsinstellingen over de hele wereld om zich aan te melden

De Elevate Prize Foundation is verheugd de lancering aan te kondigen van het tweede jaar van de Elevate Prize, die $ 5 miljoen aan financiering en diensten zal toewijzen aan 10 prijswinnaars. De Foundation is wereldwijd op zoek naar leiders op het gebied van sociale impact die de meest urgente uitdagingen van onze tijd aanpakken met de meest innovatieve en effectieve oplossingen.

MIAMI– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Oprichters en CEO’s van non-profitorganisaties en openbare liefdadigheidsinstellingen over de hele wereld kunnen zich aanmelden om een van de 10 jaarlijkse Elevate Prizes te winnen. Nieuw dit jaar is een vereenvoudigde aanvraag in twee fase, waardoor het voor leiders van non-profitorganisaties aanzienlijk gemakkelijker wordt om zich aan te melden voor de prijs. Fase 1, die nu openstaat voor alle aanvragers, omvat een verkorte schriftelijke aanvraag, terwijl fase 2 een uitgebreidere reeks vragen zal bevatten, die deze zomer alleen worden vrijgegeven voor geselecteerde aanvragers.

Elevate Prize Foundation Launches Application for $5M Elevate Prize

Foundation is seeking leaders of nonprofits and public charities worldwide to apply

The Elevate Prize Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its second year of the Elevate Prize, which will commit $5 million in funding and services to 10 prize winners. The Foundation is searching for social impact leaders globally who are tackling the most pressing challenges of our time, with the most innovative and effective solutions.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Founders and CEOs of nonprofits and public charities worldwide are welcome to apply to win one of 10 annual Elevate Prizes. New this year is a simplified, two-phase application, making it significantly easier for nonprofit leaders to apply for the Prize. Phase 1, now open to all applicants, includes a shortened written application, while Phase 2 will include a more robust set of questions, released only to select applicants this summer.

The Elevate Prize Foundation, founded in 2019 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Joseph Deitch, is dedicated to giving unsung social entrepreneurs the necessary resources to scale their impact, and to ultimately help inspire and awaken the hero in all of us. The Foundation awarded its inaugural class of 10 winners in October 2020.

Each winner of this year’s Elevate Prize will receive:

  • MONEY. A minimum of $300,000 (USD) shared between winners and their nonprofit organizations, so they can collectively drive change.
  • AMPLIFICATION. Our strategic marketing and media expertise can take winners to the next level. Be a social impact influencer. Find fans. Build a platform. Think bigger. Do great things. Change the world.
  • MENTORSHIP. Our network of partners, executives and decision-makers offer the kind of professional development and business guidance money can’t buy.
  • CONNECTIONS. Each cohort is a radically diverse group of people leading innovative organizations. As a member of this cohort, winners will have the opportunity to learn from each other, create shared experiences, and build lasting relationships.
  • SUPPORT. We take the time to thoroughly understand winners’ needs as an individual and organization, and then create a tailored program that will help each winner reach their goals and beyond.

“The Elevate Prize remains committed to finding a radically diverse group of innovative problem solvers, and investing unconventional and personalized resources that bring greater visibility to them as leaders and the vital work they do. We make good famous,” said Carolina García Jayaram, executive director, Elevate Prize Foundation.

The Foundation is proud to partner with MIT Solve on this year’s Elevate Prize. As an extension of its partnership, the Foundation will commit one of its 10 Prizes to MIT Solve’s first US Challenge on Antiracist Technology. The Elevate Prize for Antiracist Technology is open to nonprofit leaders who are helping to create an antiracist and equitable future in the U.S. This exemplar leader will take part in both the MIT Solver program and the Elevate Prize program and receive ongoing support from both organizations.

The application process for the Prize begins today at www.elevateprize.org/apply and applicants can submit up until the May 5 deadline. Following this deadline, select applicants will be invited to complete Phase 2 of the application. Winners will be announced in October 2021.

About the Elevate Prize Foundation

Founded in 2019 by businessman, philanthropist, and author Joseph Deitch, the Elevate Prize Foundation aims to elevate humanity on a global scale by funding, guiding, and scaling the platforms of social entrepreneurs. The Foundation’s signature program is its annual Elevate Prize – a search for innovators and activists that culminates with the selection of 10 leaders to receive funding and guidance to amplify their work. These changemakers are working to solve the world’s problems within healthcare, the environment, poverty, inequality, the arts, and more. Elevate Prize winners embark on a two-year program fueled by access to top scholars and industry leaders who guide and support them in scaling their impact. Together, Prize winners, advisors, partners, and collaborators across industries combine their impressive reach to create a single, powerful philanthropic amplification platform to awaken the hero in all of us. For more information, visit www.elevateprize.org and follow @ElevatePrize on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About MIT Solve

Solve is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a mission to solve world challenges. Solve is a marketplace for social impact innovation. Through open innovation Challenges, Solve finds incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world. Solve then brings together MIT’s innovation ecosystem and a community of Members to fund and support these entrepreneurs to help them drive lasting, transformational impact. Join Solve on this journey at solve.mit.edu.



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