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Alps Alpine werkt samen met Skyhook, leverancier van locatietechnologie voor IoT-service

BOSTON– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Alps Alpine, een toonaangevende fabrikant van elektronische componenten en auto-infotainmentsystemen, heeft gekozen voor Skyhook, de wereldwijde onafhankelijke leider in locatietechnologie, als leverancier van locatiediensten. Alps Alpine zal nu de Precision Location-positioneringstechnologie van Skyhook gebruiken in hun IoT-apparaten en -services.

Met de enorme ervaring van Alps Alpine op het gebied van elektronica in combinatie met de uitgebreide expertise op het gebied van locatiebepaling van Skyhook, kan Alps Alpine een geweldige gebruikerservaring creëren voor bedrijven en instellingen die de exacte locatie van apparaten moeten weten om ze te kunnen beheren en bedienen.

Alps Alpine’s betrokkenheid bij de IoT-sector is uitgebreid, en de toevoeging van Skyhook’s technologie zorgt ervoor dat klanten een nauwkeurige en nauwkeurige positionering ontvangen van al hun IoT-apparaten.

Alps Alpine Partners with Location Technology Provider Skyhook for IoT Service

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Alps Alpine, a leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, has chosen Skyhook, the worldwide independent leader in location technology, as its location services provider. Alps Alpine will now utilize Skyhook’s Precision Location positioning technology in their IoT devices and services.

With Alps Alpine’s vast experience in electronics coupled with the extensive location positioning expertise from Skyhook, Alps Alpine will be able to create a great user experience for enterprises and institutions that need to know the exact location of devices in order to manage and operate them.

Alps Alpine’s involvement in the IoT industry is extensive, and the addition of Skyhook’s technology ensures that customers receive accurate and precise positioning from all of their IoT devices.

Skyhook’s ability to provide accurate location regardless of environmental interferences, such as in underground tunnels or densely populated cities, is incredibly valuable when analyzing efficient transportation of materials, ensuring timeliness of the supply chain, and locating large pallets or bins within a warehouse. These capabilities will benefit Alps Alpine devices and their customers. Skyhook’s Precision Location hybrid positioning system locates devices using Wi-Fi, GNSS and Cell signals, ensuring that all devices, like asset trackers, can be located in all environments. The solution provides the ability to locate devices in LPWAN limited networks like Sigfox using 12 bytes of payload only, in an extremely power efficient manner, allowing devices to be in service for longer periods with a single battery.

“Alps Alpine believes that the high-precision location information provided by Skyhook will increase the value of our long-life IoT devices,” said Koichi Endo, Director Senior Vice President Deputy CTO, New Business and Engineering, Alps Alpine.

“We are proud to partner with Alps Alpine to provide Skyhook’s hybrid positioning system to an array of their products”, said Craig Waggy, CEO of Skyhook. “IoT devices and services benefit greatly from the accurate and resource efficient location service that is at the core of what Skyhook delivers.”

About Skyhook:

Skyhook is the worldwide independent leader in location technology, operating the world’s largest independent location network, consisting of 5.1 billion geolocated Wi-Fi hotspots and 200 million cell towers. Skyhook processes tens of billions of location transactions, serving devices, apps, wearables, brands and advertising platforms with precise and accurate location data and intelligence. Skyhook, through its parent company Skyhook Holding, Inc., operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Broadband Corporation. To learn more visit www.skyhook.com.


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