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PMI lanceert nieuwe online cursus om changemakers te ondersteunen en organisatorische transformatie-inspanningen te ondersteunen

De cursus is de eerste stap in een nieuwe serie die projectmanagers en teams de vaardigheden leert die nodig zijn om de operationele en strategische revisie van een bedrijf te ondersteunen

PHILADELPHIA– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Project Management Institute (PMI), ‘s werelds toonaangevende vereniging voor projectprofessionals en changemakers, heeft vandaag de lancering aangekondigd van een nieuwe online cursus gewijd aan bedrijfstransformatie, de eerste in een komende serie over hetzelfde onderwerp. De nieuwe cursus, Organisational Transformation: Foundation, wordt mogelijk gemaakt door Brightline® een PMI-initiatief, en biedt projectleiders de bouwstenen en fundamentele kennis die nodig zijn om te begrijpen hoe organisaties efficiënt en effectief transformeren. Door middel van negen interactieve modules die minder dan tien uur in beslag nemen, leren projectprofessionals snel wat er nodig is om belangrijke operationele en culturele veranderingen binnen een organisatie te cultiveren en door te voeren, waardoor ze een bedrijfsbrede transformatie in elke branche, vanaf elk niveau, kunnen ondersteunen.

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PMI Launches New Online Course to Empower Changemakers and Support Organizational Transformation Efforts

The course is the first step in a new series teaching project managers and teams the skills needed to support a company’s operational and strategic overhaul

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading association for project professionals and changemakers, today announced the launch of a new online course dedicated to business transformation, the first in an upcoming series on the same topic. The new course, Organizational Transformation: Foundation, is powered by Brightline®, a PMI initiative, and provides project leaders with the building blocks and fundamental knowledge needed to understand how organizations transform efficiently and effectively. Through nine interactive modules that take under ten hours to complete, project professionals quickly learn what it takes to cultivate and implement significant operational and cultural change within an organization, allowing them to support a company-wide transformation in any industry, from any level.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210309005160/en/

Today, the ability to nimbly transform and adapt has become a necessity for organizations, yet data from McKinsey indicates that 70 percent of large-scale transformation efforts fail to achieve their goals. In response, organizations are evolving beyond the usual top-down approach to transformation and leveraging collective buy-in and support from their entire workforce. According to Brightline’s Strategic Transformation Research, organizations that successfully transform quickly and adeptly are almost two times more likely to place an emphasis on developing internal talent which builds employee commitment to larger organizational goals.

“Businesses today are facing unprecedented disruption. To effectively navigate this everchanging climate, they need to evolve, and to power growth, enterprises should have a gymnast character to transform from within. Enterprises should be engaging employees at all levels instead of solely relying on senior leaders or external consultants,” said Sunil Prashara, President and CEO of PMI. “Transformation isn’t just a C-suite conversation anymore. This new course will impact both businesses and individual project leaders on the building blocks to implementing successful transformation efforts, enabling them to support these initiatives and be true changemakers within their organizations.”

Through this online course, project professionals will learn:

  • The five building blocks to any successful organizational transformation
  • Best practices to shift people, mindsets, and performance
  • How to successfully blend business strategy with project management skills

Upon completing the course, participants have the option to earn an organizational transformation micro-credential through a 30-question exam, to help solidify and apply their learned knowledge of transformation fundamentals. The online course and micro-credential are designed to support professionals during an organizational transformation and aid them in their own professional development by making them ambassadors for organizational change and helping to open doors to additional career opportunities and growth.

To learn more about Organizational Transformation: Foundation, powered by Brightline, as well as its corresponding micro-certification, visit pmi.org/organizational-transformation.

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