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1010data werkt samen met Strategix CFT om de waarde van detailhandelgegevens te vergroten en de Europese dekking uit te breiden

NEW YORK– (BUSINESS WIRE) – 1010data, een leverancier van analytische intelligentie en oplossingen voor het delen van gegevens voor de detailhandel, consumptiegoederen en financiële diensten, en Strategix CFT, een boutique adviesbureau dat gespecialiseerd is in innovatieve retailtechnologieën en uitgebreide systeemintegratie, kondigen aan vandaag dat ze een strategisch partnerschap zijn aangegaan om aanbiedingen te bieden die betere klantinzichten opleveren. De twee bedrijven zijn gericht op retailers en Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) -bedrijven in het VK en Europa en zullen hun gecombineerde middelen gebruiken om analyseoplossingen te ontwikkelen die de snelste voorspellende en prescriptieve klantinzichten opleveren.

 1010data Partners with Strategix CFT to Enhance the Value of Retailer Data and Expand European Coverage

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 1010data, a provider of analytical intelligence and data sharing solutions to the retail, consumer goods and financial services markets, and Strategix CFT, a boutique consulting company that specializes in innovative retail technologies and comprehensive systems integration, announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to provide offerings that deliver enhanced customer insights. Targeted at Retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies across the UK and Europe, the two companies will use their combined resources to develop analytics solutions that deliver the fastest predictive and prescriptive customer insights.

The new partnership will provide advanced data analytics technology driving best practices for large retailers to optimize and grow their business in this fast-changing market environment. This will include a single, powerful source of data enabling collaborative planning between retailers and suppliers. A single, integrated analytics platform empowering fast decisions putting forth the proper range of products and marketing effectively to inspire the customer while enhancing efficiencies across the supply chain. 1010data and Strategix will join forces driving ROI and value to retail and CPG companies with a better understanding of customers through big data analytic solutions driven by machine learning and AI.

“We are delighted to partner with Strategix as the need for our combined expertise is higher than ever,” said Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of 1010data. “Consumer shopping patterns have significantly changed during the pandemic and continue to evolve. As schools and businesses open in different locations at different times under different conditions, these changes will necessitate faster reactions at a more localized level. Retailers need to take the consumer’s pulse at ever shorter intervals and constantly re-optimize range, sales, promotions, marketing and supply chains. As we expand our European operations, the combined know-how of 1010data and Strategix will open up new avenues for retailers to identify opportunities for growth, while better serving their customers.”

Based upon 1010data’s Insights Platform, which combines granular analytics, data dashboards and collaboration portals, and then integrating Strategix’s expertise in category management, space optimization and supply chain analytics, the resulting offering will empower clients to make faster, better-informed decisions derived from their own customer data.

“Our two companies are a perfect complement to each other,” notes Jan Hanussek, CEO of Strategix CFT. “1010data’s Insights Platform for data management and collaboration fits perfectly with our proven strengths in retail consulting, systems integration, and bespoke application development. This will allow us to serve up our experience with retailers working across the UK and European marketplace, delivered on a supercharged tech platform provided by 1010data.”

“The partnership potential was obvious from our very first conversation with Strategix,” added Dusan Rnic, Vice President, Europe of 1010data. “With both the importance and scale of data growing exponentially, our partnership enables retailers to directly improve their agility as well as deliver upstream benefits to CPGs through market-leading, data-sharing solutions.”

About 1010data

For more than 20 years, 1010data has helped financial, retail and CPG companies monitor shifts in consumer demand and market conditions and rapidly respond with highly targeted strategies. The 1010data Insights Platform combines market intelligence, data management, granular enterprise analytics, and collaboration capabilities to empower better business outcomes. More than 900 of the world’s foremost brands partner with 1010data to power smarter decisions. To learn more, visit www.1010data.com.

About Strategix CFT

Strategix CFT is a boutique consulting company and system integrator in the areas of Category Management and Supply Chain Management. With more than 20 years of experience Strategix relies on a deep subject matter expertise of technical and business process related themes. In order to ensure the solution meet customer needs in the best possible way Strategix provides hybrid/ multi-vendor solutions. Strategix has already helped leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide to execute a seamlessly integrated solutions in areas of category management and supply chain. Find out more at http://www.strategix.eu.


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